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How to take a shower to be healthier, more beautiful and younger?
How to take a shower to be healthier, more beautiful and younger?

Do you want to look beautiful, have a healthy appearance, be younger than your peers and strike with sexuality? The main mistakes in taking care of yourself and your body that you make in the shower. We take a shower every day, and sometimes several times.

Our day begins and ends with a shower. But such a routine daily procedure often contains many mistakes, because no one taught us how to properly wash and take a shower. Men and girls alike make mistakes in their souls that harm health, well-being and damage beauty.

How to take a shower to be healthier, more beautiful and younger?

Less detergents when washing

A lot of shampoo, shower gel and scrub doesn't make us cleaner. Excessive amounts of products, when washing, deprive us of our own protective layer on the body. Savings will not only allow you to use the purchased detergent longer, but also preserve the natural protective background.

Use moisturizing creams

This mistake is made by all men, which leads to the fact that they age earlier than their more advanced peers. The skin requires care not only in winter, but all year round. Apply the cream to body and face immediately after showering. But these must be different creams. Buy quality body and face creams. This will make your skin look healthier and younger. There are night face creams for bedtime, and daytime creams for light protection during the day.

How to get beautiful?
How to get beautiful?

Shampoo less often

Shampoos are designed to get rid of hair oils and dirt. Frequent shampooing dries out hair follicles, making them brittle and sparse. Do you want healthier hair? Shampoo my head no more than 2 times a week. Buy a separate shampoo for your head, not 2 in 1 with a wash gel. Choosing the right shampoo will make your hair thicker and healthier.

Scrub abuse

Washing the body and face with scrubs helps to get rid of dead skin. But daily use of scrubs is not acceptable. Dermatologists recommend once to twice a week.

Little cold shower

Doctors recommend using cold and contrast showers more often. A cold shower is good after taking a hot bath or at the end of a wash. Cold water tightens pores and prevents clogging. In addition, a contrast shower strengthens the immune system, health and well-being.

The right shaving products

Sometimes men are too lazy to buy shaving cream and use regular soap. But shaving cream has moisturizers and saves skin from damage. Nowadays, many men shave exclusively with electric razors. You should buy good aftershave creams.

Take care of your feet

Legs often end up outside grooming, and men forget about them. Carefully wash my legs and feet. Scrub my feet once a week and use a pumice stone or other callus remover. Feet are stressed every day and are prone to bacteria and sweat odor. Washing your feet daily will help reduce the problem of smelly feet and get rid of fungus.

Imposing man
Imposing man

Rubbing the body after showering

Men like to rub their bodies dry after showering. But such a strong impact harms the skin and causes injury. Rub off lightly and leave some moisture on the skin.

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