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Men's style rules you need to know
Men's style rules you need to know

Success in business, in life and with girls depends on how you look at every moment of time. Men's style rules that need to be known for those who want more out of life. If you want to have a million dollars and a lot of girls, look like a billionaire.

The ability to look beautiful and stylish gives much more than is commonly believed. Success in business and personal life depends on how you look. Nobody needs your brain and inner world if your wrapper causes rejection.

Men's style rules you need to know

Know your size

Style requires a clear knowledge of its size. Unfortunately, about 50% of men do not know exactly their clothing sizes. As a result, people buy their own clothes that are the wrong size, which looks baggy or small on them. If in doubt about the size, ask a consultant to help you choose.

Choose quality

Style is a long-term investment. If you want to look great, it's best to focus on quality over quantity. Many cheap things do not make a person more fashionable or more beautiful. Buy high quality clothing that looks dignified and stylish.

Use the right colors

Often people do not think about the fact that the colors of clothes are not in harmony with each other. Match your shoes and belt to your clothes. The color combination of the shoe and the belt is also highly desirable. See how the top of the wardrobe matches the pants. Use matching colors.

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Take care of your clothes

Store your clothes neatly in the closet, not on the back of a chair or in a pile. Fold T-shirts, shirts, pants and use hangers. Iron your clothes and do not store them for long in a pile of dirty laundry. Safely store and wash your clothes, and they will look great and last a long time.

Get rid of old stuff

Often, clothes become shabby, not beautiful, and sometimes with holes or small spots. Don't let yourself be greedy and sloppy. Send this item to your home wardrobe and buy a new one for the release. Get rid of old stuff, and don't be like Plyushkin from Nikolai Gogol's poem "Dead Souls". Beauty and old worn things are incompatible. Look stylish, not shabby.

Take care of yourself

A neat hairstyle and facial hair will make you more beautiful. Make it a rule to squeeze the maximum out of your appearance. Eat right, exercise, rest and get quality sleep.

Don't make the mistake of many lay people. Much more depends on your appearance than is commonly believed.

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