How to take care of a man's skin?
How to take care of a man's skin?

If you want a million dollars, then look like a million dollars. Men have realized the importance of caring for their skin and appearance. Much depends on this in the modern world: career advancement, success in business and popularity among girls. You will always look 100%. And all your classmates and peers will look like old men against your background.

"Our appearance is the first and sometimes the last impression we create."

Long gone are the days when a man has only soap and shaving products on his shelf in the bathroom. Neglecting cosmetics and skin care means signing yourself a verdict for early skin aging, unpresentable appearance, problems with facial defects and unpopularity among girls. Doesn't sound very nice and promising?

Have you noticed stars or male models on the Internet who always look 100%? Have you thought about how Korean men care for their facial skin? The secret is that stars and successful people are not afraid to use professional cosmetics for skin care.

To wash only with soap is too naive in the 21st century. Soap disrupts the acid-base balance, which leads to dry skin. Do not be intimidated by professional cosmetics that will help solve or prevent skin problems. How to choose cosmetics and skin care products for a man?

Men's skin care
Men's skin care
This type of male skin produces an oily sheen and blackheads on the face. The skin requires careful care and gentle cleansing of this problem.
  • Combined skin type. Oily skin only on the nose or forehead. The pores are minimal and insignificant. The best option for a person, but not the most frequent one.
  • Dry skin type. The skin is very fragile, thin and sensitive. Such skin is subject to flaking, a feeling of dryness and tightness.
  • Types of male skin
    Types of male skin

    Cleansing male skin

    Buy a gel or facial wash that will get rid of problem skin. After that, you should wipe your face with a tonic, which restores the acid-base balance and soothes the skin condition. Wash with gel and tonic twice a day: morning and evening. This will keep your skin looking well-groomed and beautiful 24 hours a day.

    It is recommended to use facial scrubs 1-2 times a week. They effectively remove dead skin and unclog clogged pores. The scrub cleanses off old skin, thereby starting the process of its regeneration. This procedure makes the face look fresher, younger and more beautiful.

    How to get beautiful?
    How to get beautiful?
    This cream is well known to all men, unlike other products. After Shave Cream helps reduce irritation, soothes the skin and gives it a healthier appearance. It is applied immediately after the shaving process.
  • Moisturizing cream. Man consists of 60% water. This cream is suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes and helps maintain the desired moisture level in the skin.
  • Nutritious cream. When the skin is very dry or peeling, then it should be restored with the right cream. The nourishing cream will restore the function of the skin and keep it healthy.
  • Anti-aging cream. When you get over 35 years old, you should think about special age creams. These creams will effectively fight the signs of aging, smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, improve complexion and increase elasticity.
  • According to the type of application, there are two types of creams that differ in the time of application: day and night. Both should be purchased. Usually day and night cream are always included.

    • Night cream. The night cream is applied before bed, after you have washed and cleansed your face. An overnight moisturizer helps your skin to heal, rest and look healthy. The night cream is more intense and greasy. Along with brushing your teeth, before going to bed, you should include in your life the obligatory application of a night cream.
    • Daily cream. Some men avoid applying the cream in the morning so that their face is not greasy and sticky. But the day cream helps the skin fight the weather: wind, sun and cold. If you miss this cosmetic procedure, your skin will be defenseless. Aging and unhealthy appearance are guaranteed. Apply a small amount of the special day cream. This will preserve youth and beauty for many years to come.
    Etiquette for men and good manners
    Etiquette for men and good manners

    A man should include more cosmetics in his basic skin care than he currently has. If a man leads an active lifestyle, spends a lot of time at work and is often on the street, then cosmetics are simply a necessity. Why is your skin worse than a woman's?

    Face creams for men
    Face creams for men

    How to take care of a man's skin? The most important thing is the regularity, not the high cost of cosmetics. It is better to use inexpensive cosmetics on a daily basis than expensive ones, but rarely on an occasional basis. Do you want to look beautiful, young, attractive, fresh and excellent all your life? All in your hands. Or rather, in men's cosmetics on your bathroom shelf.

    Do you want to be handsome?

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