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30 tips for men's style
30 tips for men's style

We often underestimate the impact of wardrobe and style on our lives. At work, rest and among girls, a man is greeted by his clothes. Competently forming a wardrobe, a man creates his bright future.

“Healthy, punks. Here I am. Macho on the face. Not like you're all schmuck. Dandy. Please love and respect. Glad that you are delighted to meet me. " Space Dandy

Some men look good when the rest of the gray mass looks rotten. What's the secret? Few men follow the style. But if a man cares about wardrobe and style, then he becomes an order of magnitude better than everyone around him. He becomes stylish like a dandy.

30 tips for men's style
30 tips for men's style

Style and wardrobe tips for men

  1. Don't wear the same clothes for two days in a row
  2. Choose a belt clearly to match the color of your shoes
  3. A man should look a little sloppy, not like a stylish nerd
  4. Do not load your pockets with keys, wallets and other things, but use your bag
  5. Limit yourself to one bright thing in the image
  6. Wristwatches are selected depending on the event: business or sports
  7. Shirts should be chosen from natural fabrics, they do not wrinkle and you will not sweat
  8. Socks with sandals, flip flops or slates are bad manners
  9. Taking a shower every day, changing fresh underwear and socks is a must
  10. Don't wear clothes that are too loose
  11. Avoid big and pretentious logos on clothes
  12. Large men wear large accessories, and small ones wear small and graceful ones.
  13. A slight mess on the head is normal, but a dirty head is not.
  14. Excessive extravagance in a wardrobe usually looks ridiculous.
  15. Do not wear more than one turn-up trousers.
  16. Apply antiperspirant to a clean body and use eau de toilette
  17. A large number of decorations are typical for actors or stars
  18. Wear long socks to keep your bare feet from sticking out when you sit.
  19. Do not button your jacket all the way to the top.
  20. Take care of hair on the head, face and other parts of the body
  21. Dress a little more smartly than others
  22. Do not wear a cap with a side visor
  23. Do not wear a denim jacket with jeans
  24. White socks are appropriate only with sneakers
  25. Don't clutter up your wardrobe and get rid of everything you don't wear.
  26. Belt and suspenders are not worn at the same time
  27. When you sit down in a jacket, then stretch the buttons
  28. Keep track of the little things in your wardrobe, they define the style
  29. Fix your clothes as soon as the trouble hits
  30. Buy fewer things, but high quality and solid
How to dress well for a man
How to dress well for a man

Do you look like a trendy dandy or a dull schmuck?

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