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How can a man be more attractive? 40 tips from women
How can a man be more attractive? 40 tips from women

You can try to run after the girls, or you can look like they themselves were running after you. What do girls like about the appearance and behavior of men? We asked women to tell us what they notice first and what attracts them the most to men.

“All these princes are from fairy tales. Cute handsome men. Bearded feminine hipsters. Ugh! A man doesn't have to be handsome. A man must be a breadwinner. And scary. So that one eyebrow is shorter than the other. Eyes of different colors. Perhaps one is missing at all. Curl of a shovel. Scar all over the fuck. Broken nose. Lips are compressed into a strip. A woman should be in awe at the sight of a man, and not ask what creams he smears on a pug. Should be afraid. So that during sex I looked at him and thought: “Mlyn, how scary. It would be over faster. I want to go to my mother."

We asked women their preferences for the stronger sex. What do women pay attention to besides money and cars? How should you look, what should you do and how should a man behave? How to become a magnet for all girls and carry them along?

Any man can improve his attractiveness with a little time and attention. Some tricks are enough to increase your attractiveness by 50-100%. The beauty of a man lies not in the necessary lines of the face, but in another.

What makes a person beautiful?
What makes a person beautiful?
How can a man be more attractive? 40 tips from women
How can a man be more attractive? 40 tips from women

How can a man be more attractive? 40 women's tips

  1. Clean and high quality shoes, what women look for first
  2. Rolled up sleeves on the shirt
  3. Equal posture and officer bearing
  4. Pleasant smell of eau de toilette and no sweat odor
  5. Not skinny but slightly tight jeans
  6. The man is dressed according to the event and occasion
  7. Slightly raised and proud chin adds attractiveness
  8. When a man straightens or looses his tie
  9. Athletic physique, biceps and muscles of the stronger sex
  10. A boring man with a good sense of humor
  11. Confident demeanor, smooth gait and calm movements like a predator
  12. Big smile and healthy white teeth
  13. Accessories: nice watch, nice shoes, nice belt
  14. Energetic and purposeful men in good shape are very good.
  15. Well-groomed and clean male hands with a manicure, not nibbled nails
  16. V-neck jumper
  17. Purposeful man with a clear life position
  18. Good manners and decent behavior win over women.
  19. A low and velvety voice that captivates
  20. Nice shirts if they fit your biceps
  21. Clothes are sized, not baggy like 70% of guys wear
  22. Dealing with women, flirting and flirting
  23. Cool hairstyle, according to the shape of the head
  24. Cheerful and positive men are popular
  25. Tidy, not shabby and stylish clothes
  26. Matching the color of shoes and belt
  27. Cool leather and quality jacket
  28. The man has a tight ass, not an empty pouch in his pants
  29. Broad shoulders and pumped-up arms
  30. The vest makes men hot
  31. High intelligence of a man turns women on
  32. A man with a passion for extreme hobbies and hobbies
  33. The man slowly and unhurriedly dissolves a smile.
  34. In men's clothing, the devil is in the details, or rather in high-quality accessories.
  35. Well-groomed beard or facial hair
  36. High-quality tailored suit
  37. High Neck Jackets & Sweaters
  38. A man looks important and solid, like the master of life.
  39. Initiative, vigor and some insolence of a man
  40. Male and brutal character
I'm bald: positive instruction for bald people
I'm bald: positive instruction for bald people

Don't run after the girls, but be who they are looking for.

The girls themselves will run after you, roll up, flirt and seduce …

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