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How to survive being ambushed
How to survive being ambushed

Better seven judges than four carry. Sometimes a few hooligans may be waiting in the driveway to beat up a bystander. They can be robbers or criminals who attack with a specific purpose. How to survive being ambushed?

A planned attack is dangerous because you do not expect a fight, there are more opponents, they are prepared. How to survive being ambushed by hooligans, robbers or criminals?

How to survive being ambushed

1. Evaluate the options to come out whole

Even a brand new phone or money does not cost health or life. You can be crippled for life or even killed. It's not worth it. If there is an opportunity to give everything and leave whole, then take this chance. But be careful, sometimes the criminals have little money, they also want to cripple you. Do not relax.

2. Keep your opponents in sight

When more than one attacker approaches, it is always worth keeping an eye on the whole company, not the individual. While you are confronting one, his "friend" can hit you from the side or from the back. This makes you an easy victim. Don't let opponents get into the blind spot or directly behind you. Always keep your attackers in your peripheral vision.

3. Find a way out of the fight

There is no point in fighting everyone, hoping to win. Opponents will not wait until you deal with everyone in turn. Together they will attack and beat you half to death. Find a potential way out of the fray when you can leave the battlefield relatively intact. There is always an opportunity to hit, push, scare or confuse opponents who block the exit to escape. Precisely to escape. You don't have to play superman when your health, or maybe life, is in danger. You do not need to beat all the enemies, beat those who block the way to the exit from the fight. And then "Run, Forest, run!"

How to give back?
How to give back?

4. Call for help or find a safe place

In a fight, the main thing is to get out as intact as possible, and not to punish all participants. As soon as the opportunity arises, then run. Call for help, call the police, shout "fire". Sometimes it is enough to run to some crowded place. These can be stops, shops, cafes and other establishments.

5. Always move

A static position will allow opponents to regroup and attack together. Always move without letting your opponents attack at the same time. Make it so that one of the opponents prevents the others from hitting you. Sometimes it is good to take a seat in a narrow aisle. Where you can only fight against one opponent.

6. Hit vulnerable spots

This is not boxing where everything is according to the rules. One blow to the enemy's vulnerable spot will incapacitate him for a while, reducing the number of opponents. Hit in the nose, eyes, throat, groin. Break out joints, fingers. Hit vulnerable spots. If it is possible to use a weapon, then do it. It can be a stick, stone, or other handy tool. The best fighter is a person without principles, honor and fear. Shout out, turn on the psycho mode, but do not act in the heat of the moment. Be cool on the inside.

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