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How to beat a stronger opponent in a fight
How to beat a stronger opponent in a fight

In life, you will have to fight more than once, defending your interests and honor. But often the enemy is much stronger. How to defeat a stronger, larger and more powerful enemy?

It is not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog! How to beat a stronger opponent in a fight?

How to beat a stronger opponent in a fight

1. It is worth identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent

Is the man drunk? If a person drank, then his speed of action, reaction and endurance will be reduced. But a drunk person is less susceptible to pain, which does not allow for some painful techniques. You can easily run away from a drunken enemy, he will not be able to chase for a long time. A drunk can be quickly drained or confused.

Does the person look as if they rarely play sports, smoke, often drink? Such opponents can resist a maximum of a couple of minutes. Usually, within a minute after the encounter, they are completely exhausted. You just need to exhaust the enemy a little and wait until you can calmly deal with him.

2. Keep your distance from a strong opponent

With a large opponent, you should keep your distance, not allowing him to go into close combat. Never stand in one place, allowing the enemy to make a successful attack. Use your speed, lightness and agility. You should run around the enemy, jump and dodge. This will negate his mass and strength. Quickly enter and exit the combat zone with a few hits. The speed of the legs helps.

How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor in the face of impending danger?
How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor in the face of impending danger?

The more weight the opponent has, the more momentum he has. It is difficult to stop actions or put a block against a large opponent if you yourself do not have the necessary weight. Better to dodge direct confrontation and blows. When the enemy moves towards you with a blow, it is necessary to dodge and carry out a counter attack using the addition of velocities.

3. Be accurate and cunning with a large opponent

Play a dirty game. What was unacceptable in the ring is acceptable in a real fight. Use dishonest techniques, distracting maneuvers, weapons from improvised objects, grab clothes or hair. Distract the enemy with a shout. Move randomly and be unpredictable.

A precise and sharp blow is more effective than a blow with a large swing, but poorly delivered. A large enemy can rarely strike stealthily, unlike you.

Hit the bottom of the jaw with a precise blow. Can be straight, sideways or uppercut. Hits to the liver, groin, throat, back of the head, eyes, temple, solar plexus, joints will be effective. A clap on the ear will cause loss in space.

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