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How to respond to an insult?
How to respond to an insult?

What if you were attacked by “footballers” Kokorin and Mamaev, or maybe other thugs? Life is such that we have to deal with unfair treatment, rudeness, rudeness and violence. How to respond to an insult? How to get out of the conflict as a winner or at least as a whole?

Did you accidentally or on purpose? Did it happen on the street, in a bar, or elsewhere? When you are run over, there are several ways out.

Insult in the nearest circle

How to respond to an insult from someone you know? If you value the relationship, then it is better to try to sort it out. Do not go over to insults yourself and do not get into a fight, but calmly dot the "i" s. Find out the reasons for hitting you and ask for a point of view. Sometimes a bad mood or latent dislike is the cause of conflict.

If a person backs down and apologizes, then it makes no sense to further provoke a conflict. Better a bad peace than a good war. But when the opponent continues the conflict, you should fight back. In most cases, you need to fight back the enemy, otherwise you can become a convenient whipping boy who can offend everyone.

What to do in the event of a robbery? Security measures for conflicts on the street
What to do in the event of a robbery? Security measures for conflicts on the street

Insults from strangers

On the face, in a bar or elsewhere, you can get caught in a conflict. Why does it happen that a stranger expresses claims against you? Often the insult is the result of the enemy's bad mood, and you will have nothing to do with it. Sometimes a stranger is looking for a purpose to find fault with.

If a stranger insults you, then you can simply get away from the conflict by ignoring it. Quite often the quarrel is meaningless to you and is not important. Who is it to sort things out with him? If the situation is a losing one for you, then it is better to avoid the conflict.

But if the forces are equal? Do you want to defend your honor? Can't retreat so as not to fall in the eyes of your friends or companion? Do you think you need to punish your opponent? Start a conflict!

How to respond to insults culturally?

How to defend your interests with words? Do not make excuses yourself, saying that the enemy is wrong. You take the position of an excuse sacrifice. Ask clarifying questions: “Why do you think so? What do you mean? What are the facts? Give an example. Why are you interested? Are you having a bad day?"

Calm and confident questions can put the enemy in place when you do not succumb to provocation. You get a moral advantage, and your opponent looks ridiculous, trying to find an excuse for his aggression.

How to respond rudely to insults?

You can respond rudely to insults: “I'm not interested in the opinion of poor people”, “Leave your complexes to yourself”, “Close your mouth”, “Your mouth stinks”, “Go three letters”. This option is good at besieging rude and idiots. But what if the conflict is only growing? Even in the twenty-first century, the fists are the last resort …

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