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How do you recognize terrorists in a crowd?
How do you recognize terrorists in a crowd?

Terrorists may find themselves among us disguised as ordinary citizens. Terrorism has no clear front, and a peaceful street can suddenly turn into a carnage. The activities of the terrorists are not immediately evident, but there are certain signs that betray such shady personalities. We live in a troubled world where different terrorist attacks take place every day. How to protect yourself from this? Terrorists, suicide bombers, criminals and other dangerous individuals can be recognized by some markers.

Terrorists have some suspicious appearance and demeanor. By the markers, you can recognize terrorists before the explosion or the commission of an attack, than save yourself and others' lives.

How to recognize terrorists in the crowd and escape?

Terrorist and external image

Often a terrorist is a man of 20-30 years of age of non-Slavic appearance. Female terrorists are usually young. When committing a terrorist attack, a man can be clean-shaven, and a woman can be in a headdress, as religion tells them.

How is the terrorist dressed?

Beware of people who are clearly out of season. Usually they are more warmly and closed-dressed. A long cape or bulky clothing can hide a weapon. There may be a bomb, firearm, or edged weapon underneath the clothing. A terrorist may have a “shahid belt” hidden by clothing. Often, a bandage, scarf or other object hides the terrorist's face.

Assault in an elevator or staircase. How not to become a victim and be saved?
Assault in an elevator or staircase. How not to become a victim and be saved?
How do you recognize terrorists in a crowd?
How do you recognize terrorists in a crowd?

The terrorist has his bag

Avoid large and suspicious bags. Large bags that seem to be out of place should alert you. Especially if the owner of the bag is not around, and it is ownerless.

How does a terrorist behave?

Such a person looks away, avoids eye contact, tries to remain unnoticed. The terrorist dodges surveillance cameras and police. Inadequate, nervous, frightened behavior is not characteristic of people with a clear conscience. The terrorist can walk side to side, jerk his legs or pound his toes. He can constantly adjust his clothes or hat for no particular reason. A terrorist may have a retarded reaction and movement as a result of taking tranquilizers or drugs. Stay away from those people who fearfully look around, check something in their clothes or bag.

Terrorist facial expression

A person can tightly and decisively purse his lips, as if afraid to blabber. Sometimes terrorists mumble or slightly move their lips while reading prayers. The eyebrows are often clenched, with determination or detachment in the eyes. The person's face is pale and unnatural.

What if a person looks like a terrorist?

What if the person is very suspicious and looks like a terrorist? Try to get as far away from him as possible. Do not take any action on suspicious persons or objects. Report it to the police immediately. When there is a threat of an explosion, use any cover available. Do not run away, but immediately fall to the ground, even if you can get dirty. Cover your head with your hands and turn your head away from the epicenter of the explosion.

What knowledge and skills can save your life?
What knowledge and skills can save your life?

Better to be extra vigilant than to fall victim to a terrorist or suicide bomber.

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