How to survive in a mass brawl?
How to survive in a mass brawl?

As life shows, even a special forces soldier can not always resist a crowd of thugs. How to survive in a mass brawl? How to get out of the fight alive and resist the crowd?

What if the crowd beats someone up or starts to surround you?

Don't think of yourself as a superhero who can handle the crowd. Call the police or call other people for help. Knock the parked cars to trigger the alarm. The owners of the cars will call the police or go out into the street.

Get in the mood for a fight instead of being naively safe. These people will try to maim or kill you. Maybe they have a weapon to use. Get ready for a serious fight and don't underestimate the danger of your opponent. Many who underestimated the hooligans turned out to be crippled or blind man's eyes.

Use your weapon. If you have a weapon of self-defense, then use it immediately. Spray a can of gas towards the crowd. Shoot your traumatic pistol to kill. Do not spare the scumbags.

The main thing is not to be surrounded by a crowd of a bully. Do not go into the crowd to figure out where a blow or a knife can come from any direction. Always stay away. Don't let the bullies' favorite tactics be used when the victim is surrounded by a crowd.

If you are surrounded on all sides by hooligans, then you need to immediately break through and make a passage for yourself. Hit the groin, jaw and other pain points. Knock down, push and run. It's not a shame to run away from the crowd. It is bad to become a victim of thugs.

The main mistakes people make in a fight
The main mistakes people make in a fight

In the crowd, you must absolutely not fall. Opportunities to rise and escape will be minimal. If he fell, then the thugs will finish off the victim, reveling in their superiority.

Do not spare your opponents. The street is not a place for romantic duels. Here you need to beat so as to incapacitate the enemy or scare him. Hit the pain points, knock you down, scare you with a scream, swear dirty. Use the weapon at hand: an umbrella, a stick, a brick, a bottle or keys held in your hand.

In a street fight, the main thing is to survive. Do not spare the scumbags. Better to be judged than killed or crippled.

But the best fight is always the one that never took place.

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