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War myths dispelled by modern war veterans
War myths dispelled by modern war veterans

The truth about fighting survival. Films often show war and hostilities distorted. As a result, people form a point of view on the war, which is far from the truth. War myths dispelled by veterans.

“War is not just who will shoot whom. War is who will change his mind. " And the dawns here are quiet

War and conflict veterans shared a few thoughts that we wrote down. In war, everything is different than in the movies. There is another life and there are many deaths.

War myths

In war you want to kill the enemy

You do not feel regret that you killed someone during the fighting. Rather, you get angry when you manage to kill the one who shot you or killed your comrades. You are a soldier and you want to kill your opponent.

The bullet-proof vest does not save, but adds the chances to survive

Bronik doesn't always save. The armor stops bullets or debris from penetrating slightly. But you feel like you've been shot. It's better with body armor in war.

Survival in a war
Survival in a war

Wars are very loud

The shots in life are much louder than those depicted in the films. So loud that it rings in your ears. The explosions are even louder. But you won't always hear the whistling sound that is added to movies.

War doesn't make you recklessly brave

Fear will never go away, even among professionals. Participating in many conflicts, jumping with a parachute into enemy territory, hearing explosions and gunfire. You will always be a little scared on the inside, although outwardly you will be calm. Some talk about habit and lack of fear. But they are either lying or idiots.

War myths dispelled by modern war veterans
War myths dispelled by modern war veterans

There is no guaranteed protection in war

Any armored vehicles and vehicles are not impenetrable. Many are pierced by bullets of different calibers, shells or shots from ATGMs.

In war, you often act on the machine and reflexes

Military personnel involved in operations spend most of their time in training. These are hiking, clearing buildings, target shooting and more. All training leads to the fact that they operate on autopilot, having an advantage over the enemy.

How to survive an explosion?

In the event of an explosion, you must immediately fall to the ground. By doing this, you significantly increase your chances of remaining relatively safe and sound. Especially if you are in a trench or behind cover. Explosions are usually not as big as in the movies. But there are a lot of deadly fragments flying over a larger radius.

In war, they shout or give signs

The ability to speak during combat is often absent. It is very noisy during the firefight, but you cannot speak in an ambush. Therefore, most fighters learn the signals they give with their hands.

How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

War divides life into two halves

Most combatants suffer from PTSD. It is very difficult to integrate into a peaceful life.

War gives friendly brotherhood

Military action creates a bond of brotherhood between combatants. Civilians cannot understand this. You trust your friend with life, and he trust his. This fraternal bond can only be created by war.

The war is not as beautiful and romantic as in an action movie. It consists of deaths. But it will be better if it is the death of the enemy.

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