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How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor in the face of impending danger?
How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor in the face of impending danger?

How to deal with stupor when in danger? An uncontrollable car rushes at you, a crowd of hooligans is moving in your direction, you meet a wolf in the forest, or they ask you something during an interview. At such moments, a person turns on fear, and he freezes and falls into a stupor. Delay can cost your life.

In a dangerous situation, a person has three options for action: fight, run away, or freeze. The last option is the most unfortunate, which ends very badly for a person. When a person is numb with fear, he cannot withstand danger and receives maximum damage.

At the moment of danger, a person may die due to his sluggishness and inability to make the right decision in time. Why does this happen? How to overcome fear and make the right decision: fight with all your might or flee.

Why are we numb with fear in danger and can not do anything?

In a difficult and dangerous situation, a person begins to panic. The brain is overloaded with emotions and does not allow it to respond adequately. As a result, the person begins to think about what will happen, but does nothing. He expects that everything will be resolved by itself, and the danger will pass.

Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

This method of protection is often used by some animals. They freeze, stop breathing and pretend to be dead. This is their natural defense. But for a person, this method of protection, in most cases, is undesirable. Root does maximum damage and damage.

How to be less numb with fear in the face of danger?

What to do in order not to get into a stupor or get out of it as quickly as possible? All people come in with a stupor, but the exit time is different for everyone. Some come out almost immediately and take action, while others are in a stupor until the very end.

Psychologists advise to start playing sports, and even better in parallel with martial arts. An active lifestyle, sports and martial arts will give a person confidence, which will have a good effect on mobilization in dangerous moments.

To reduce the time of stupor, you should watch action films and films about the war. You can imagine yourself in difficult and extreme situations. Gradually, you will be more prepared for such troubles. You will be able to adequately and as quickly as possible make the right decision when a danger appears.

How to get out of a stupor in case of danger or a fight?

In a dangerous situation, the brain turns off, the body begins to tremble, the legs become cottony, lethargy and jitters appear. A person loses seconds of advantage if he began to act immediately. In a stressful situation, psychologists recommend a little distraction from destructive and paralyzing fear, and not feverishly wait for the end of danger. How to overcome the jitters? Ways to Deal with Panic:

  • Breathe deeply, filling your lungs with oxygen
  • Start singing an inspiring song to yourself
  • Pinch yourself to feel pain
  • Repeat a short mantra
  • Concentrate on one thing
  • Think that god is for you
  • Dirty swear
  • Joke about anything
  • Ignite the anger and adrenaline inside you
Actions in the event of military conflicts
Actions in the event of military conflicts

This volitional effort will bring you out of the stupor and help you start to act, and not wait for a miracle. A fight is planned, but are you afraid? You can tear off your shirt and shout obscenities: "Well, bitches, you 3.14 … c". You can cheer yourself up with the words: "Come on, come on."

In a dangerous situation, there is no need to wait. Either hit or run.

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