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Tricky hiding places from thieves and wife you can make at home
Tricky hiding places from thieves and wife you can make at home

Sometimes we need a secluded place where we can hide money or other valuable things. Where to hide valuables in the house so that no one finds it, from thieves to other residents of the apartment? Tricky hiding places at home where you can hide your stash and whatever.

“But what a strange place for a hiding place! - I was amazed. “Anyone could have burned the log.

- In July, Hastings? Plus, it was lying under a pile of other logs. This is a very ingenious hiding place.

Hercule Poirot

Going to work or vacation, we worry about the values that are kept at home. Sometimes we hide a stash from a friend or wife. Where to hide the valuables so that no one will guess? Safety depends on the reliability and originality of the idea, for a personal cache.

These hiding places are suitable not only for home, but also for those places where you spend some time. This is a dacha, a country house, a hotel or a rented apartment.

Where to hide money, stash, valuables or weapons?

  1. Inside electronics that is of no value to thieves.
  2. A fake or real electrical outlet with a cache inside.
  3. Arrange a cache under the light switch button.
  4. Drill a vertical hole at the top or bottom of the room door and hide it in the value cavity.
  5. Inside a sofa or armchair under the upholstery.
  6. Pockets of a winter jacket or clothing that you rarely use.
  7. Skirting boards and doorways have cavities where you can hide something.
  8. Hide money in DVD boxes or cheap photo frames.
  9. Arrange a cache inside thick curtains, soft dolls or children's toys.
  10. Sewing money into a pillow or blanket.
  11. Inside spoof pipes in a bathroom or toilet.
  12. The classic version of stash in books. It is possible not between pages, but in the spine.
  13. Inside heavy things like a refrigerator or washing machine.
  14. Disassemble the base of the table lamp or speakers, where to hide things.
  15. Arrange a good hiding place in the curtain baguette.
  16. Hide things inside the window sill by removing the end cap.
  17. Good hiding places inside furniture, in dressers and wardrobes.
  18. Store things and money in the place where the chandelier is attached.
  19. Hide things in the air duct, only the cache should be fastened securely so that it does not blow off.
  20. Store valuables in old paint, cosmetics, medicine or other cans.
  21. It is good to equip a hiding place in a door frame, in a window or on a balcony.
  22. Build a cache inside a thick candle by drilling out the middle.
  23. Make a little stash in an old charger that doesn't work.
  24. Hide valuables in old shoes under insoles or in shoe boxes.
  25. Caches made during the renovation stage, under the floor or in the walls, are very reliable.
The dark side of life
The dark side of life

A non-standard and original cache will reliably protect you from robbers, thieves, intruders, residents of the house and your wife.

It is important to hide all valuable things not in one cache, but in several. Then the robbers can be content with only one or two caches, when the rest of the things remain intact and safe.

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