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How to fight off a pack of dogs?
How to fight off a pack of dogs?

What if attacked by one dog or a whole flock? There are precautions, ways to avoid an attack, and methods to fight dogs. How to fight off a pack of dogs and emerge victorious from it?

A dog is not always man's friend. Sometimes she becomes a dangerous and deadly enemy. The most dangerous breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier, accounting for 66% of attacks. Then comes the Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Great Dane.

But even mongrels can be deadly. Homeless dogs huddle in flocks that attack random passers-by. How to behave when meeting a pack of dogs? How to stay alive when fighting a dog?

What to do if a pack of dogs attacked?

Avoid dangerous dog habitats

Usually dogs do not attack without a clear reason. Dogs predominantly lash out when defending their territory or puppies. Therefore, it is better to bypass the places where they live. These are garbage dumps, dumps and other abandoned places where their lairs may be.

How to avoid a fight?
How to avoid a fight?

Avoid the pack of dogs

It is always best to walk around a large pack of dogs with the side you see ahead to avoid excesses. Dogs may not understand your peaceful intentions and suddenly attack. Better to make an extra hook than to feel dog bites on your skin.

Be natural when meeting dogs

Behave naturally, going forward smoothly and confidently. Such human behavior is familiar to dogs and does not cause alertness. Don't stop, don't slow down, and even less run away. Don't show the fear that dogs immediately feel. This can provoke an immediate attack.

Do not provoke aggression in dogs. Don't look them in the eyes, don't wave your arms or shout. Let the dogs just bark at you. Go fast forward. But it's important to constantly monitor how dogs react to you. Don't miss the moment of a probable attack.

Watch the dogs

How do you know if a dog wants to attack? Sometimes they are given out by preparing for an attack. The dog's coat stands on end, twitches its tail feverishly, bares its teeth, growls menacingly, ears are directed forward or flattened. It is very likely that such a dog is ready to attack. But often dogs attack even without warning, suddenly jumping up from behind.

What to do if a pack of dogs attacked?
What to do if a pack of dogs attacked?

Scare away single dogs

Do lone dogs follow? You can take a couple of threatening steps towards them. Pretend that you are picking up a stone from the ground. This often scares off dogs that have already been hit in the face with a piece of brick.

Survival in the city. How to get out of trouble when attacked?
Survival in the city. How to get out of trouble when attacked?

How to dodge the attack of a pack of dogs?

Are the dogs being aggressive and preparing to attack? Try to give commands: "stand", "back", "fu", "place", "lie down". These commands can confuse the dogs and give them some time to rescue. Slowly and without sudden movements retreat to a safer place. Look for a wall, fence, or tree. If you can get to the top, then do it faster. You can go into a lake or ditch to be saved. The dog is very vulnerable in water and can be drowned.

How to prepare for a dog fight?

Dogs jump, grab by the throat and bite on the limbs. Dogs knock a person down to make him as vulnerable as possible and gnaw him. Stand closer to the wall to protect yourself from an attack from the back and not fall when the dog jumps. Take care of your neck, which can be grabbed by dogs. Cover your throat with your chin, pressing it in your neck. Stand a little obliquely to the dog, as if you are standing in a rack.

Find a weapon against the dog

If there is a stun gun, then even its sound scares dogs. The pepper spray is also effective, but at a short distance. Put your stick, umbrella, bag, jacket forward. It is in them that the dog can grab, and not in you.

Pick up a stone, plank, branch, nail, or any stick from the ground. This will be your advantage. Do not throw your only weapon at the dogs, lest you be left unarmed. Better hold the stone in your hand to strike them. It will be more efficient this way. A metal handle or keys can also be used to deliver painful blows.

How to give back?
How to give back?

How to fight a pack of dogs?

  • Passive defense is ineffective. You should immediately give the most severe rebuff. After several unsuccessful attempts to attack, the dogs may retreat. They are not ready to fight the victim, which is very dangerous. Do not be afraid to injure the dog, because it is determined to bite you.
  • When the dog jumps, try to dodge and not be knocked down. If possible, give her a powerful kick in the ass, groin, or ribs. Defeat will stress the dog and reduce the urge to attack.
  • Shout. In a fight, you can shout and growl. This can scare dogs and attract the attention of strangers.
  • Let your dog grab a bag, scarf, or other distraction. Pull it towards you so that the dog will grip even tighter. At this point, you can take to the side and kick.
  • Beat dogs on vulnerable spots: tip of the nose, eyes, bridge of the nose, nape of the paws, ribs, genitals. A strong blow can cripple the dog well or even kill.

How to save another person who has been attacked by dogs?

Try to distract the dogs from the victim. You can throw food or a stone. Take a stick and try to distract the dogs by yourself. But be prepared for the fact that they may attack. So stand up or try to escape in a tree. If one dog grabbed a person, then take the dog by the hind legs and lift him to zero gravity. Usually the dog releases the grip.

How to survive in a mass brawl?
How to survive in a mass brawl?

After a dog attack, see a doctor for a rabies vaccine. And also contact the police to shoot inadequate dogs.

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