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Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

When you find yourself in a conflict or a fight, you immediately begin to regret that you paid little attention to martial arts. The ability to fight and emerge victorious from the fight would definitely be useful to you. These tips will help you win a street fight. Read and memorize. Not useful? Naive.

“A good fighter is not one who is tense, but one who is ready. He does not think and does not dream, he is ready for anything that may happen. " Bruce Lee

Conflicts constantly happen in life, and they occur at the moment when we are least ready for this. What do you need to know when fighting? What tips will increase your chances of winning a street fight or any other fight?

Fight. Top Tips

1. Try not to go where you might be beaten. Avoid dubious personalities, suspicious places and dark alleys.

2. The best fight is the one that you managed to avoid. Even if you win the fight, you will get nothing, except for probable problems in the future. Dodge the fight.

3. Is it possible to call security or call the police? Do it. In any case, this is better than a fight with an unknown outcome.

4. Don't judge an opponent by their weight or height. Treat any opponent in a fight like a professional. Underestimating an adversary is costly.

5. Is a fight inevitable? Take advantage of the surprise of the first strike. This will give you a slight advantage in the fight.

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How to fight in a street fight? Secrets of defeating hooligans
Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

6. Remember that there are no rules at all in combat. This is not a competition for you. Here no one will stop the fight and there is absolutely no place for nobility. Be vigilant in a fight and don't be afraid to fight dirty.

7. People run out of steam very quickly during a fight. It may turn out that the opponent is more enduring and you will not be good after 30 seconds of the battle. Therefore, be as efficient as possible and win as quickly as possible.

8. In a fight, immediately take up a fighting stance. Bend your knees a little, put your feet shoulder-width apart, move in small steps.

9. Most opponents will retreat if you hit them well in the nose or jaw.

10. Often the first blow is hit with the close hand and without a swing. This is enough to suddenly stun a little and develop a devastating attack.

11. When fighting, keep your teeth closed and lower your jaw down a little. This will reduce the chance of getting knocked out from a blow to the jaw.

12. When the fight begins, try not to use wait-and-see tactics. If you do not attack, but only defend yourself, then you will definitely lose the fight. Best defense is attack.

13. Does your opponent turn to you on one side? He can take out the weapon with his other hand until you see it. Be vigilant.

14. Try to keep your balance and not fall. Sometimes this is tantamount to defeat.

15. Don't hold your breath during a fight. Otherwise, you will quickly fizzle out and become an easy prey. This is a common newbie mistake.

Assault in an elevator or staircase. How not to become a victim and be saved?
Assault in an elevator or staircase. How not to become a victim and be saved?

16. If you get hit, it is not the end of the world. Continue the fight. You missed, but withstood the blow. Fight, do not feel sorry for yourself and do not give up.

17. Don't try to use bizarre punches and moves. The simpler the better. The effectiveness of strikes is always in simplicity.

18. Don't get involved in a knife fight or against a pistol. You can't get out of this mess. If he has a knife, run away. If you have a gun, run in a zigzag fashion.

19. Everyone underestimates the groin kick until it hits the right place.

20. Keep your distance and only cut when you want to strike. Don't move forward without hitting. What for?

Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

21. If during a conflict the opponent puts his hand into his pocket, then he may have a knife or a barrel there. Carefully!

22. Shout loudly to get the attention of others. This can scare off the enemy or attract help.

23. Do not hit the head above the eyebrows. You can injure your hand.

24. Do not close your eyes during a fight or strike. Many did there, who then missed the blow and suffered a shameful defeat.

25. Kicking is not always a good idea. There is a great chance of losing balance or being caught at the time of application. This is fraught with instant defeat in a street fight.

26. Do not participate in stabbing when you came there only with fists. And do not poke your nose with a knife into a shootout.

How to survive in a mass brawl?
How to survive in a mass brawl?

27. Always keep your opponent in sight. Don't look away for a second. One moment is enough for a knockout blow.

28. Is it possible to give money or a phone to get rid of the beating? Your life and health are worth much more.

29. Do not observe what effect your blow has on your opponent. He can charge you while you rejoice over your victory. Keep hitting while the enemy is on their feet.

30. Control your emotions, do not panic, tantrum or rage. This is the path to a losing battle. Only a cold head and healthy anger.

Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

31. Consider the characteristics of your opponents. Use your strengths. It can be height, arm length, dexterity. Close combat suits the short and large, and the tall and long-armed at a distance.

32. Do not be afraid to harm the enemy and do not hit half-heartedly. Otherwise, you will lose the battle.

33. Never throw one blow. Always hit two or three.

34. Don't fight against the crowd. The odds are minimal. Hit the nearest opponent and run.

35. Avoid fighting if you're not a professional. Friends of an opponent can easily knock your head off while you are fighting him.

36. In a street fight, be persistent and don't give up. This can stop the attacker. But if you give up, you may end up with a broken head. Often, bullies don't stop even at the sight of blood. Do not give up.

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Survival in the city. How to get out of trouble when attacked?

37. A blow to the groin, eyes, neck, jaw and other pain points will gain time. You will be able to quickly retreat before the fight begins to develop not in your favor.

38. Fake the attack and make deceiving moves. Combine fake kicks with real ones. Bluff.

39. Use improvised things as weapons. This can increase the chances of winning.

40. Don't be afraid to sound crazy or very dangerous. Shout "Allahu Akbar" in a fight. This will scare the opponent and give him fear for his life.

41. Expect any deceit or meanness from your opponent. Any sneaky blow will be used. When the opponent loses, he can call friends or get a weapon.

42. Keep your hands in a fight higher and do not lower them. Protect your head from blows first. This is the most vulnerable area.

43. Dodge enemy strikes, and do not beat back, like in a movie. Do not forget to counterattack the enemy, taking advantage of his mistakes.

44. Do not use the same attacks that will help predict your actions. Combine different attacks and strategies.

45. Watch out for secondary threats in street brawls. It can be a friend or several friends of the opponent.

46. A blow with the forehead on the bridge of the nose will help to win. Many people don't expect this.

47. Distract your opponent with deceptive phrases: "Are you really going to fight in front of the police?" Then hit or run.

48. In close combat, do not be afraid to hit with your elbow or knees. It is very effective.

The main mistakes people make in a fight
The main mistakes people make in a fight

49. Speed of action and maximum brutality are often the keys to victory.

50. Do not linger after the fight at the place of the fight. Leave so as not to have problems with the law or friends of the enemy.

fDraka. Advice
fDraka. Advice

“Try to avoid fights. But if you have to fight, win. " Game of Thrones

Life is too short to lose to some idiot who is ready to kill a person and has nothing to lose. Try not to get involved in fights. But if you have already got into a mess, then fight dirty and cruel. These tips will increase your chances of winning the fight. Good luck!

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