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How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

Combat conflicts and wars happen unexpectedly, which can be dragged into the very epicenter of events. Survival instruction in war and war zone for dummies. How can a soldier survive in war?

You never know how fate will turn and where you will find yourself in the near future. What to do if you find yourself a participant in hostilities? How to behave, what to do and what to avoid?

How can a soldier survive in war?

1. In hostilities, it is not so much important to hit the enemy as to get out of the fire and protect yourself. Drop to the ground when firing or dive for cover.

2. Before going out, jump in place so that nothing jingles or strumming. Tie up with electrical tape or a bandage.

3. If you took a weapon, then be ready to shoot from it when you need it. Do not feel sorry for the enemy who does not show reciprocal hospitality.

How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

4. When entering a building or room where there may be enemies, a grenade should be the first to enter. Even better two, and then the fighters. The grenade should be rolled on the floor, not thrown.

5. Crossing open areas of terrain, you need to run across in zigzags. Chaotic movements interfere with aimed fire.

6. Stores on the chest and belly are additional armor protection that can save.

7. Control the situation around. It is difficult to say how many opponents and where exactly they are.

Survival secrets
Survival secrets

8. Any injury or injury reduces the chances of survival. Minimize the defeat in the available ways.

9. Do not rush to help the wounded. The favorite tactic of snipers is to injure a colleague and then kill his comrades, who are trying to pull out from under fire.

10. In combat there is not only friend or foe. Sometimes neutrals are strangers and pose a great danger.

11. Any body armor is good, even the oldest.

How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

12. In case of a sudden nix, it is important to immediately sit down and change the point of position, and not try to take a weapon. Why is it needed by someone who is already dead?

13. The fire safety device emits a loud sound. Pull it gently and switch it to the desired mode. Usually it is single.

14. The pin can only be pulled out with your fingers, not with your teeth, as in the movies.

15. When stopped, then you should kneel or lie down. It's exhausting, but one day it will save a life.

16. Practice good hygiene and be attentive. In war, many die not from enemy fire, but from infections, sores and accidents.

17. When changing the store, misfire or run out of cartridges, you should sit down, and it is better to hide behind a shelter.

18. Don't stay in one place for a long time. Crawl away to the side where you lay down or where you fired from. The enemy will be waiting for you there.

How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

19. You do not need to keep your finger on the trigger, it is dangerous for your comrades.

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20. A smoker can be sensed 100 meters away. Quit smoking.

21. He who runs slowly or is lazy usually dies in the war.

22. Try not to make enemies among your own. In the heat of battle, it is very easy to get rid of someone with whom you are at enmity. Try to stay behind the bad relationship.

23. In explosions, open your mouth and cover your ears with your hands to protect your eardrums.

24. Choose weapons and caliber, just like your comrades. This will help you have fewer problems with ammunition resupply.

25. Do you think that 100% hit the target and can be written off? This does not mean that you are right, and the enemy is already ready. Approach the wounded target carefully and from a safe side, so as not to be suddenly under fire. Better to finish off than take risks.

26. It is forbidden to sleep at the post. If you fall asleep, then not only enemies, but also your own for carelessness, can shoot. And they will be right.

27. The weapon should be cleaned regularly so that it does not fail at the right time.

How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

28. Check for injuries by getting out of the fire. Sometimes you do not really notice that you have been shot.

29. Always carry at least two tourniquets with you, not in your backpack, but close at hand.

thirty. Do not touch anything unnecessary: doors, corpses, things, electronics. Everything can be mined.

31. Shooting from one position for a long time is a bad idea.

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32. Try not to put someone else's between you and yours. You are limited in shooting, but the enemy is not.

33. Do not throw away an empty store - it will come in handy.

34. No need to remove mines or stretch marks. Do not go if you do not know how.

35. The unit should not walk in a dense crowd, otherwise it will be a good target. But you shouldn't move away from the team either, so as not to become easy prey.

How to survive in war for a soldier
How to survive in war for a soldier

It is not easy for a soldier to survive in a war, especially if he finds himself in the very epicenter of events. In war, the survivor is the one with better reflexes, richer experience and more caution.

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