Recent Wish List
Recent Wish List

Do not put off the desire to visit other countries, to do what you love, to do something significant, to say something important, so start changing your life right now.

"I got it - it's stupid to be afraid" film "Knockin 'on Heaven"

We know you will succeed in life, but you will never earn all the money, you have enough cars, apartments, houses, yachts and you hardly need 1001 women. You will hasten to live, but one day … you will die, brother.

Not today. Not tomorrow. It will be in the far, distant future, but it will happen. Your life will flash in front of you and you will understand that you have irretrievably missed something in the pursuit of a career, women, money and it is not clear what.

Remember the legendary film "Knockin 'on Heaven", where two incurable patients escape from the hospital in order to fulfill the dream of one of them - to see the sea. Along the way, they wanted to fulfill a whole list of last wishes, but they managed only one at a time: Rudi Wurlitzer (Jan Josef Lifers) slept with two women at the same time, and Martin Brest (Til Schweiger) gave his mother a pink Cadillac and, of course, they got to the sea …

A similar plot has the film "Until I Played in the Box", where two incurable patients: car mechanic Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) and billionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) make a list of last wishes. The last wishes were: to jump with a parachute, take part in a safari, drive sports cars, visit the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Himalayas. The two of them completed this list completely before …

What to do after work?
What to do after work?

You hardly want to realize at the end of the road about the missed opportunities, so start changing your life right now.

Be brave

Society, family, friends will teach you all your life what to do, where to study and where to work.

You will study to be a lawyer at the behest of your family, not a designer, as you wanted; you will spend your vacation in Turkey, and not storming another height in the Himalayas; you will watch the Dakar rally-marathon in a beer bar with friends, and not master a sports bike on your own; and you will never go diving, because it is dangerous and takes a lot of time.

Save time

Instead of the required 40 hours of work per week, you manage to work 50-60 hours, staying the longest in the office or working 2-3 jobs.

Yes, so you can achieve in your career and win in financial position, but only for the time being, until you run out of steam and undermine your health.

The Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto proposed the 20/80 principle: "20% of the effort gives 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the effort only 20% of the result."

Some little things take up a lot of our time, giving almost nothing in return. Do you need it? Concentrate on the most important parts of your work and life in general. By choosing priorities, developing and working in the most productive areas, you will achieve more than trying to chase two birds with one stone.

What changes with age?
What changes with age?

Be open

Be more open to others. Don't be afraid to open your mouth, heart and soul. Open the jar of your emotions, do not hold in yourself joy, sadness, anger and love. Life will become easier when people understand you. Relationships with family, friends, and loved ones will benefit from this.

Take care

You rarely get enough sleep, smoke like a steam locomotive built in 1901, do not shy away from alcohol, eat irregularly, and we are even afraid to imagine your love affairs.

While you are young, your body can withstand the stress, but with such a regime you put yourself in danger. Why do you need bruises under your eyes, an unhealthy look and constant fatigue?

Sports, healthy eating, sleep, relaxation and, of course, regular sex.

Get better

Take care of yourself in pursuit of perfection. A person always has something to improve in himself. Master a new profession, learn another language, do not give up your hobby, go in for sports and get your figure in shape.

listen to your heart

A tit in hand will never be a crane. Do not marry for convenience, do not think, will endure, fall in love, do not let your loved one and love go away, do not meet with those who are just a fake for your dream. If you love, do not deviate from the goal, do not compromise with your heart, mind and soul.

You will regret it in old age, but now you have a chance to change everything. Do your best now.

The art of rest
The art of rest

Make a list of recent wishes

Do not put off at last, like the heroes of films, the desire to visit other countries, do what you love, do something significant, say something important.

Make a list of your wishes on a blank piece of paper. Let it be at least 100 points, the road of life is long and you still have so much to do …

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