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What a successful person should give up
What a successful person should give up

He was used to making excuses, waiting for something, badly holding the blow of fate. How can you be successful with such a baggage? What should a successful person give up on the way to great achievements?

Success depends not only on certain skills, knowledge, skills, habits, but also on the lack of understanding of the very principle of a successful person.

A successful person realizes that some things in life weigh him down and need to get rid of them. These are not exactly negative habits, but rather a load of wrong thinking that needs to be thrown away.

What should a successful person give up on the way to great achievements?

1. A successful person must quit making excuses

You are not responsible for the whole world and many of your actions do not require explanation. On the road to success, many people will try to make you feel guilty about something. This is nothing more than an attempt to weaken you. Weak people use far-fetched appeals to conscience, mercy, kindness, pity, generosity to make strong people weaker. This is an attempt to put you on hold, take your success and cash in on you. Don't let them do it.

2. A successful person must quit waiting

You are not a fisherman or a broker waiting for your catch. There are only 24 hours in a day, of which, with 7 hours of sleep, 17 hours remain, and discarding the time for all meals, the bath and the road to work, you will have, at best, only 15 hours to achieve success.

How to turn failure into success?
How to turn failure into success?

Stop waiting for something incomprehensible, force events, plan ahead of meetings, make calls earlier, go to certain actions and do the necessary work ahead of time. Don't let things take their course. What some people manage to do in a week, others may need at least a month for such success. Do not wait for the weather from the sea, as losers do.

3. A successful person must give up what should have been given up for a long time

An attempt to save a long decaying business does not allow developing success in a new one.

Prolonged difficult, problematic relationships will undermine you and wear out your whole heart and soul. What must surely happen will happen, no matter how you delay the end.

Communication with people or companies with whom you have not been on the way for a long time. You grow out of clothes, so it happens with people. They pull you back, live with completely different ideas, you are not interested in them. They have ceased to set worthy, in your opinion, goals and you have nothing to talk to them about.

Perhaps they are not worse than you, they are different and you have completely different priorities.

4. A successful person must quit helping

You don't owe anyone anything. In life, some achieve success, others go to the bottom. You are not superman or batman. Broken buddies, career breakdown acquaintances, and unsuccessful entrepreneurs believe they can count on help. Not even necessarily yours, to the aid of the whole world, including you, your neighbor and any unfamiliar person.

Success in life
Success in life

Some people, going to the bottom, do not need help, but the company of the same going to the bottom. They do not want to see the success of others and drown everyone who is around. They are losers and hopeless. Don't let them drown you and your success.

5. A successful person should quit trying to know everything

Even if you cram 24 hours a day, you will not have time to learn everything. When you see that knowledge in a certain area is bearing fruit, concentrate on this path. Single targeted strikes are more useful and effective than random heading.

6. A successful person must give up past mistakes and be able to start over

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and dwelling on past failures. You live today and even past failures shouldn't stop you.

Many businessmen went bankrupt and started from scratch. Henry Ford went bankrupt several times. Russian businessman Vladimir Dovgan went broke three times, he rightly stated: “In fact, it doesn't matter how much money you have. Your willingness to fight and move on is important."

A successful person must be able to get up after falling.

What a successful person should give up
What a successful person should give up

American industrialist Henry Ford

7. A successful person should quit letting people tell you what to do and what not

They will say it is wrong, impossible, undesirable, stupid, etc. You will have a plan, some idea, idea, desire, but those around you, even the closest ones, will begin to point out the impossibility or undesirability of your dream.

How to achieve your desired goal or dream?
How to achieve your desired goal or dream?

You will be one against all. By giving yourself control and directing what to do and what not, you will never succeed. The road to the pinnacle of luck always lies through the crowds of resisting and doubting "little people". But it is the ability to resist the opinion of the crowd that determines the leaders of the life situation.

These 7 abandoned loads should be left on the sidelines. On the road to success, the main thing is to move continuously forward, despite the obstacles. Follow the dream you believe in and take everything from life!

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