How do you become a wonderful person?
How do you become a wonderful person?

There are people with whom everyone wants to be friends, meet and communicate - these are wonderful people. How can you become a wonderful person and be liked by others?

“Personal branding includes managing your reputation, style, appearance, attitude, skills” Colin Wright

How to become the one everyone wants to hang out with? And not to be that aquatic from the cartoon, with whom no one wanted to deal with, except for leeches and frogs.

Those who have read Colin G. Wright's How to Become a Wonderful Person probably don't have these questions. But this book was hardly part of your educational program at an educational institution, in addition to this, it is quite new and few people know about it.

Especially for you, we read the book "How to Become a Wonderful Person?" and now we will tell these secret tricks!

How do you become a wonderful person?

1. Always give tea

This will win people over to you, and next time you will be a little "your".

2. Don't break everything around

Try to get rid of the childish habit of destroying everything around you. Do not spoil stationery, do not gnaw pens, do not tear booklets, calendars. It annoys others, wonderful people don't do that.

3. Be calm

Those people whose every day is like the last, who are always fussing, shouting, offering something, demanding - do not cause positive emotions in others. Be calm, but when you need something, then act to the maximum. People are used to the fact that you just don't say too much, and they will definitely listen at the right moment for you.

Head held high: how to act and not whine
Head held high: how to act and not whine
How do you become a wonderful person?
How do you become a wonderful person?

4. Absorb information

Take an interest in the lives of others and they will share with you the information and knowledge you may need. People who are sincerely interested in other people are always nice, they are reputed to be good conversationalists and wonderful people.

5. Respect other people's opinions

Everyone has their own opinion, different life experiences and different preferences. But don't change your mind because of the obstinacy of others. Think wider and in an adult way, discuss any difficult issues.

6. Get rid of addictions

Any alcohol, drug addiction, or even a habit of avoiding decisions can negatively affect your reputation and the name of a wonderful person.

7. Do personal branding

Try to create your desired image. Your demeanor, style, appearance, skills - this is your brand, with which you exclusively associate. Personal branding will enable the image we need. In this situation, the image of a wonderful person.

8. Don't forget about business cards

Scribbling to write your name on a piece of paper or napkin is bad form. A wonderful person can always provide a business card at the right time. This is part of your image.

9. Jealousy is not your style

It is unlikely that others can call a wonderful person the one who terrorizes his girlfriend and torments the people around her with his jealousy. Be above that, be jealous just a little to maintain the tone of the relationship. In addition to being a wonderful person, you will be a wonderful guy.

How do you become a wonderful person?
How do you become a wonderful person?

10. Develop comprehensively

Iron nerves. 15 ways to find nerves of steel
Iron nerves. 15 ways to find nerves of steel

It is sad to look at wonderful and intelligent people, personalities with a capital letter with physical gaps. Intelligence, character, physical perfection are pleasant to observe in one bottle of a wonderful person.

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