Absolutely all your successes and failures are within you. When was the last time you tried to understand yourself and did your introspection? Meticulous introspection will allow you to change your life in the right direction and become more successful.

“It is much more difficult to judge yourself than others. If you can judge yourself correctly, then you are truly wise "Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We live more by intuition and by inertia. But we rarely think about ourselves. We think about others, circumstances, life, but rarely about ourselves. Why do we avoid thinking and analyzing ourselves? Are we afraid of not being so good, smart and successful? An analysis of external and personal qualities will help you choose the right path of development. Self-analysis will help you identify weaknesses and focus on strengths.

To be successful in life, you need to do internal tuning regularly. How to know your inner essence and use it for good? We've put together a list for you to dig inside yourself. Complete each step and be sure to make notes in your notebook.

How do you conduct introspection?

1. Introspection of the face

"To become yourself, you need to forget all the previous ideas about yourself" Paulo Coelho

Go to the mirror and take a close look at your face. Don't be lazy and come! What do you see in the reflection? Imagine that this is a stranger, not you. Describe it in a few sentences. What can you tell from his hair, smile, eyes, skin and facial expression?

Abuse at work: how to recognize it, and what are its consequences?
Abuse at work: how to recognize it, and what are its consequences?

Introspection results. Don't you really like this "stranger"? This is fine. But what would you change in his appearance and how did you improve it? Maybe you need more sleep, a healthier lifestyle, or more self-care?

2. Self-analysis of the figure

Strip naked. Take a critical look at your figure and body. Do you have a fit and athletic figure? Are you overweight? Does your body look healthy and beautiful? What about the vegetation on the body? Look at yourself from all sides and draw conclusions.

Introspection results. All weaknesses are visible not only to you, but also to those around you. Start to monitor your figure more, go in for sports, emphasize priorities on a healthy diet and lifestyle. You have only one body and you will live with it until the very end. Don't let yourself be ugly, fat, thin, unsportsmanlike and non-sexual.


3. Introspection of the wardrobe

Open a social network and view your photos. Are you wearing the same jeans, shirt, jumper, suit or jacket all the time? Have your clothes changed over the past few years? This is not good. Look in the closet and sort things out. Most you never use? How neat, stylish and new are your clothes? What about the underwear? Does it evoke desire in the opposite sex or pity?

Introspection results. In most cases, you will not like your look, but this is an incentive to improve it. Throw out unnecessary things and visit the store on weekends. Pick a couple of new things for yourself. This habit will not only be good once. Buy yourself something every month. This will make you look fashionable, stylish and sexy.

I do not know what I want
I do not know what I want

4. Introspection of personal life

Do you have someone or are you alone? Are you satisfied with the existing relationship or the lack of it? Why are you alone or unhappy in love?

Introspection results. If you are alone, then it's time to find a girlfriend. Make it a rule to meet 5 new girls in a week. You can meet one girl a day or do it in a day. Approach the girls you like and strike up a conversation. Refusals are normal. It's good if you succeed 30% of the time. If you have a girlfriend, then analyze the relationship. What do not you like? What can be improved? Take steps to remedy the situation.

5. Introspection of a career

“Look for your place. When you find him, you don't have to fight.”Bernard Werber

Are you studying in the right place? Are you getting enough knowledge? Are you not lazy? If you work, what can you say about your qualifications, prospects, career and salary? What suits you and what causes extreme anxiety?

Introspection results. If you want to be a professional, then you studied more diligently. Go to refresher courses or learn a foreign language. Dissatisfied with your job? Start looking for a new job not passively, but actively! Submit your resume, start going for an interview. It’s foolish to be a failure, to spend your whole life in a hated and low-paid job.


6. Introspection of inner qualities

“There are plenty of places to escape in the world. But sometimes it's worth taking a look inside yourself. "Mike Dylan Raskin

How to start life from scratch?
How to start life from scratch?

What can you say about yourself? How good is your character? How many real friends do you have? What about your sense of humor? Would you be friends with yourself?

Introspection results. Introspection of inner qualities and character traits is difficult enough. But it is precisely in him that lies the reason for many of our ups and downs. Try to dig a little in yourself and come up with some results. What can be improved, corrected and changed?

What to do after introspection?

“What to do when your whole personality and all your ideas about yourself are destroyed? How to live on when it suddenly turns out that all this time you have lived wrong? " Chuck Palahniuk

Now read the notes you made. Not everything is fine? This is normal and expected. It is better to honestly find mistakes and correct them than to live in a fictional pink world. Introduce yourself regularly and write the results in a dedicated notebook. What have you already improved, and what else is to be done?

Soon you will find that life is getting better, and you become more successful and happier.

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