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How to be an open person
How to be an open person

Many people are cute, smart, witty, friendly, but have trouble communicating with other people. How to be more open, win friends and conquer girls? Open-minded people live more interesting and energetic!

It doesn't matter how handsome, smart, witty, kind, positive and good conversationalist you are. If you do not have a secret of how to be open to communication, people will not come to you. You are too used to looking at the world with a familiar look, behaving as always and not standing out from the crowd. It's time to change your closed and not very lucky world for the whole planet! Open up to the world and he will reciprocate you.

How to be an open person

Open person rule # 1. Learn new

If you want to be more open, then the first thing to do is to go beyond your boundaries. Cross the boundaries that you set for yourself.

Visit an unfamiliar cafe on the outskirts of the city, choose an unknown director in a movie, invite an unfamiliar person for a walk, find an unusual hobby group, join a Japanese language group, go to a bar with a new work colleague, go for a run in a real marathon, change your route daily movement.

Try doing new things once a day or at least once a week. Do things unusual for yourself and rediscover the world.

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How to find your calling?

Open Man Rule # 2. Say no to prejudice

Prejudice does not allow a person to be truly open to communication and versatility of opinions.

“You should never be afraid of thieves or murderers. This is an external danger, it is not great. We must be afraid of ourselves. Prejudice is the true thief; vices are the true killers. The greatest danger lies within ourselves. Should we think about what threatens our lives and our wallet? Let's think about what threatens our soul "Victor Hugo

We have not tried many things because we think they are stupid or wrong. But we have never tried them. Why not try a new pastime, food, lifestyle, hobby, or job? We have established too many habits and prejudices for ourselves that limit our lives.

Open person rule # 3. Smile

Society loves successful, benevolent and positive people, and a smile is the main sign of this. Smile more and more! Thanks to your smile, people will be drawn to meet you.

Smile at strangers, especially those who cast interested glances at you. This will be the "green light" of a person open to communication.

Learn to smile not only with your mouth, but also with your eyes. This will help make your smile more genuine. A smile exclusively through the mouth gives off a formality.

Do not smile as soon as you see a person. Do it in a moment, which is more effective. This makes the smile more confidential and intimate.

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Focusing attention. What determines the achievement of the desired goals?
How to be an open person
How to be an open person

Open person rule # 4. Show your openness

Open-minded people, in addition to smiling, are distinguished by their demeanor. They do not hide their eyes, are calm, ready for a conversation and react to the behavior of others.

Show openness with your body language. Don't fuss, be calm, don't cross your arms and or legs. Don't look at your phone, get your headphones out, don't be distracted by TVs and other such things. Don't make the person look overly busy or confused. Don't be nervous, don't express dissatisfaction, boredom and other negative emotions.

Open person rule # 5. Go to meet people

Look for acquaintances from different walks of life: programmers, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, teachers, photographers, athletes. This communication will be interesting and unforgettable.

Eastern folklore says: "If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain." If people don't approach you, then take the first step yourself. Look for interesting people yourself and start a conversation.

Do not worry about anything. It's okay to communicate with strangers, be simple, talk about everything, joke, offer help, discuss various things.

Open-minded people live more interesting and energetic! Open yourself to the world, you deserve it.

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