Productive people
Productive people

You can work long and hard, but you never succeed. It's a shame, isn't it? Almost always, success is achieved by those who know how to break the rules, force events and act not only ahead.

We all want to be successful and as quickly as possible. Many people recommend that we work carefully, long and hard. But that doesn't always help. How to be as productive as possible, not only by hard work, but also by using more cunning ways?

Productive people

1. Other people's failures

Fools do not notice their mistakes, the smart learn from their mistakes, and the wise learn from the mistakes of others. This common truth has helped many people and will help you too.

We often see someone else's success, but how many people were able to repeat it? Failure in business and career is much more useful and instructive. Failure is a good lesson, warning, and admonition to many.

Do not break through all the obstacles with your forehead, watch others and avoid making other people's mistakes. This will help you save energy and be more productive.

2. Limitations and imagination

Many consider the constraints encountered as insurmountable obstacles. But is it? Obstacles should not stop a person. They are given for the manifestation of fantasy, creativity and imagination.

A good example would be the story of American filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. At the very beginning, Rodriguez managed to shoot the first film "Musician" in just 14 days and 7 thousand dollars. Financial constraints did not stop Robert Rodriguez. He attached the camera to a wheelchair when he did not have special equipment. So Robert cut all kinds of expenses in various ways. He completely overhauled the film production process, but achieved his goal. The director of the films "Sin City", "Machete", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Spy Kids" and many others did not stop at restrictions. Robert Rodriguez did not give up, bumping into frames and obstacles.

Sturgeon's Law. 90% of things and actions you do wrong
Sturgeon's Law. 90% of things and actions you do wrong

Constraints provide a chance for fantasy, creativity and imagination. Don't let yourself stop. This is your chance to help you be productive.

3. Don't try to be an inventor

Research shows that only 10% of innovators have managed to maintain an edge in their industry. Forget about pioneers, inventors and innovators. This is not your path. Not everyone can be the first in technology and ideas. Being a leader is nice and cool, but very difficult. You can spend a lot of energy trying to become a leader, but fail.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't waste time and energy looking for new paths, it's not productive. Follow the leader. Study his ideas and imitate. Imitate the best of the best!

4. Forget about maximum efficiency

The English poet and playwright William Shakespeare wrote in the tragedy "King Lear": "Striving for the best, we often spoil the good." A similar thing often happens in life. You may not spoil the good, but spend a lot of effort on improving the almost ideal. Do not improve something by 10% by spending all your strength. Better to double your efforts in what comes out great. It's much more productive and smarter.

Productive people not only work hard, but they also get around obstacles. Break the rules, force things, and go beyond your reach.

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