How to look smarter
How to look smarter

Are you worried about what people think and say about you? Nobody wants to be average, much less a fool. You can easily behave in such a way that people around you will think you are the smartest guy. How to mislead others?

Smart people are about 25% of all people with an IQ value over 110. They are considered more smart, intelligent, and most importantly promising. Do you want to be one of them, but not really working out? You can easily behave in such a way that others will consider you, if not a luminary, then exactly a giant of thought!

A few steps to look smarter than you actually are.

1. Use quotes

“I have a quote for every occasion - this is the best way to think original” Dorothy Lee Sayers

How to look smarter? Learn a few quotes and use them whenever you get the chance. Then learn a few more. Even Latin phrases can be used! You will be considered the smartest guy. But choose quotes not from modern pop stars or politics, but more ancient ones. Classic writers and prominent figures of the past are great for this.

2. Use smart words

How to look smarter? A wide vocabulary creates an opinion about the high level of the speaker's intelligence. Use any abstruse words in your speech. For example: congruence (equality, the adequacy of different instances of something to each other), coherence (consistency of several processes in time), euphemism (a neutral word used to replace others considered indecent), transcendental (connecting parts of content located on opposite sides of a certain limit).

How to have a sharp mind? The ability to think well will come in handy
How to have a sharp mind? The ability to think well will come in handy

3. Don't talk a lot

"Shut up, you will pass for the clever"

How to look smarter? When a person loves to chat, then there is a feeling of his narrow-mindedness. Smart people do not differ in verbosity and like to keep their mouths shut. Use this stereotype.

4. Be aware of the latest developments

How to look smarter? Be aware of what is happening in the world. This will allow you to always be in the subject or easily brighten up an awkward silence. News of politics, economics, art or science. Follow a wide range of news.

5. Talk about what you know

How to look smarter? Attempts to be clever and express thoughts in a topic for which you do not understand anything can be disastrous. Try to talk only about what you are sure of and know well. So you won't get trapped.

6. Get "favorites" in art

How to look smarter? Over the years of studying and knowing the world, you probably have some preferences. Get yourself a favorite author, books, music group, poetry, artist and philosopher. Favorite figures in art will add you to the number of smart people.

7. Be grammatically correct

How to look smarter? Speak by the rules of the Russian language and do not use cheap tabloid language. Do not use slang language, do not become like the Cannibal Ellochka from the satirical novel by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov "The Twelve Chairs". Don't forget about grammar rules on social media and other forms of written communication.

Who am i?
Who am i?

8. Get smarter

Educate yourself, read books and take an active interest in the world around you. So you will not only seem, but you will also be smarter.

Looking smart is very helpful. They love smart people. Brothers want to be friends with them, and girls climb to meet.

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