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What weren't taught in school?
What weren't taught in school?

What weren't taught in school? At school and university we are given knowledge, but they will not teach us some important things. A few things that come in handy in life, but which you forgot to tell at school.

School and university give us a lot, but not everything.

What weren't taught in school?

1. We were not taught patience at school

“All good things eventually come to those who wait.” Jared Leto

What weren't taught in school? Patience! We do not know how to wait and practically do not have the necessary skill called "patience". We are in a hurry to grow up and move at a crazy speed. Go to school, go to university, get a job, go on vacation, get into a relationship, start a family. We live in tomorrow and do not want to wait. We hurry. We cannot wait for the right situation and the right time, but in a hurry we ruin the business we have begun. We are in a hurry who want to be in time everywhere, but really do nothing. Do not work where you managed to get a job without problems. Spend time looking for and trying to choose the best job. Be patient and choose not the first half you come across, but exactly the person who is needed. Don't rush to live. Be patient in all areas. Otherwise, life will resemble supporting roles, a kind of miserable fast food on the run. You deserve more. Be patient. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? Better crane in hand. Don't be content with little and stop making compromises with yourself.

If you are smart and unique, then why ordinary?
If you are smart and unique, then why ordinary?

2. We were not taught health at school

"Physical education should be given as much attention as mental education" Mahatma Gandhi

What weren't taught in school? Take care of your health! In our youth, we gloat over those who do not drink, do not smoke, do not go to nightclubs and eat right. But over time, you begin to realize that wellness and a healthy appearance are very important. The mood and productivity in business depends on the lifestyle.

3. We were not taught independence at school

“Independence is the lot of the few. It is the privilege of the strong.”Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

What weren't taught in school? Self-reliance. We do not educate ourselves. But self-study is the most important part of education. Few deviated from the training program on their own. We are used to moving in the direction that others have given us. We read and watch what is presented to us. We are not trying to look at the world from a different angle. It's easier to roll on someone else's track, but then the road is predetermined. We lack the courage to be more independent. We are afraid to be black sheep and loners. Who were so rotten by a homogeneous mass of mediocrity. Self-reliance will give a person the opportunity to succeed in life, and not rely on parents, others or a miracle.

4. We were not taught the importance of happiness in school

"Life is measured not by the number of breaths taken, but by the number of those moments when happiness takes your breath away."

You can have everything, but not be happy. Try to define your dreams, make them come true and be happy. For happiness you will have to fight with others. Sometimes you have to fight for happiness even with yourself. But what is more important in life, how not to be happy? In the end, this is exactly the goal. It doesn't matter how rich, smart, handsome you are. If you are happy, then life is good!

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