Types of humor
Types of humor

It is generally accepted that having humor in a person is very good. But it really depends on your type of humor. What kind of humor do others like the most, and which one is treated negatively? A type of humor for friends and a type of humor for enemies.

Robert Martin in 2001 created a method for dividing humor into 4 types: affiliation humor, self-sustaining humor, aggressive humor and self-deprecating humor.

Affiliate style Is everyday humor that is directed at others. Owners of this type are good-natured, cheerful, know how to find funny things in everyday life and have a good mood. This is the best type of humor, it helps to get closer to people and to be on the same wavelength.

Self-supporting style - Self-directed humor to support self-esteem. This is a light self-irony, while maintaining a sense of humor in the face of difficulties. Even rather good-natured self-irony mixed with optimism. This humor sympathizes with others when a person does not take his personality too seriously and can laugh at himself.

Self-deprecating style - humor directed against oneself in a critically destructive manner. It may be witty humor, but it undermines your own authority. This is the humor of a constant victim, it is not very good for the person himself when he becomes the object of jokes.

Aggressive style - humor aimed at other negative connotations. When a person makes fun of someone for the purpose of manipulation, aggression or ridicule. Such a person cannot stop and stop joking at others. For this he is not always welcomed. A person with an aggressive sense of humor is treated wary and sometimes negatively. This is the humor of cynics and hooligans.

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Affiliate humor is the most common among people, 36% of people have it, self-sustaining humor is in second place with 34.3%, aggressive humor - 29.9% and self-deprecating humor - 28.2%.

In most cases, people have a mixed style of humor. It's good to have a mix of affiliate and self-sustaining style. Save the aggressive style for enemies and ill-wishers, and forget about the self-deprecating style. Joke right and be popular!

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