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Leave in time
Leave in time

This is the most important advice and lesson that fate can give you. Life is too short. You have to be able to leave. It may be difficult, but necessary. Cut the Gordian knot, move towards your success, dream and happiness.

“Life is short. And you have to be able to. You have to be able to leave a bad film. Throwing a bad book. Walk away from a bad person. There are many of them "Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Once you start leaving on time, you will become more successful and happier. We are all a kind of Plyushkin who pulls a suitcase without a handle. It's hard to drag it and it's a pity to throw it. Until we learn to minimize losses, we will suffer even greater losses. How to leave?

Leave in time

1. Leave the relationship in time

“Nobody leaves anyone, just someone goes ahead. The one who lagged behind believes that he was abandoned "Mikhail Litvak

Let's be honest. Good relationships are rare and even more the exception. So many of us are bogged down in relationships that are too difficult, hopeless, and painful for both. Both understand that nothing will work out, but they continue to suffer. You are different people with diametric desires, plans and dreams. What is this all for? Take the first step and end the relationship. Leave yourself before everything is completely confused. You will find more suitable people for yourself. Find the courage to confess and go in search of a new love. It will be completely different!

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2. Leave the wrong circle in time

"Sometimes it can be very helpful to go back to a place where nothing has changed, to see how you yourself have changed."

Friends and companions will gradually disappear around the turn of life. It is not because you have become enemies. In most cases, you are not on your way. We have different ideals, lifestyles, plans. Someone just needs to drink beer in the evening and watch TV. And this is not enough for others. Someone is content with what has been achieved, while others rush forward to unconquered heights. As soon as your dreams get bigger, as soon as you grow out of the company, you start moving away from your former comrades. This is fine. Look for new friends with whom you have common thoughts, mood and enthusiasm.

3. Get away from bad people and places in time

“I respect myself enough not to be where they don't want me. If I am asked to leave, then I usually do not ask again …”The irony of fate.

Not all people are worthy, noble and good. There are many in the world with whom you do not want to do business. Appreciate yourself more than others do. If you do not like someone, then leave this person's life. There is no need to arrange for yourself a communication that works negatively.

4. Leave a crappy job on time

“Leaving is very difficult - until you leave. And then you realize that nothing is easier in the whole wide world”John Green.

All my life to work at a hated job, get up with a disgusting mood, work for a penny and do not your own business? To hell! This is not what you dreamed about. Go about your business. What do you like. It costs all the money in the world.

“20 years will pass and you will regret more what you have NOT done than what you did. So to hell with doubts and laziness. Get out of the safe haven. Catch the wind in your sails. Travel. Dream. Discover »Mark Twain

Leave in time
Leave in time

Life is short. In old age you will despise yourself for cowardice. That he spent his whole life on indecision, doubts, other people's dreams. Leave in time where nothing good awaits you. Take the risk of being happy …

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