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How not to change yourself
How not to change yourself

Do you feel like life is wasted? We become discouraged, tired, and don't feel happy. This is due to the fact that we set the wrong goals, chase mirages, look at the world through rose-colored glasses and do nonsense. How to improve your life and live in pleasure?

“All the most valuable - vision, health, love, freedom, life itself - we receive for free. And we do not know how to enjoy all this. We are too concerned with what is really secondary - we need money, beautiful clothes or fame. " Anthony de Mello

Life is too expensive a gift to spend on something that is not so important.

How not to change yourself

1. Set worthy goals

"This is your life, and it is getting shorter every minute." Fight club

Most people's goals don't hold water. We want too much to look good in the eyes of others. We buy the most expensive fashion items, save half our lives for a car that we cannot afford, take the most sophisticated phone in installments, scrupulously make a picture from the catalog out of our apartment, play a luxurious wedding for an exorbitant loan. We are trying to be who we are not. We are trying to jump higher ready and this makes us unhappy. Live within your means and set worthy goals that aren't just another purchase. Making the goal of life to buy the most luxurious fur coat, an expensive car or a newfangled gadget is stupid. Is this all you dreamed of as a child?

How to make the right choice and make less mistakes in life?
How to make the right choice and make less mistakes in life?

2. Don't be jealous

Most of the problems in people's lives are due to not having enough money. Not everyone is born to be millionaires, to drive expensive sports cars, to fly on their own planes. Stop giving in to silly childhood dreams. Work honestly and hard and forget about the nouveau riche. Everyone has their own destiny.

3. Get rid of the shackles of advertising

Advertising is geared towards extorting money from ordinary people. Fashion trends, colors and things only this season. Advertising imposes something there, for which we have to spend all the time allotted by God at work, working 24 hours a day. They went into the forest, imposing advertising on us, all kinds of consumer heresy.

4. Act according to your wishes

“What we are today is a consequence of our yesterday's thoughts, and today's thoughts create tomorrow's life. Life is a product of our mind "Siddhartha Gautama

What do you want and what do you dream about? Try to clearly imagine what will make you happy. Stop doing what you don't like every day. Start acting according to your desires, not other people's dreams from the TV. Your tomorrow depends on what you do today. Think about where you want to be in the future now …

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