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3 ingredients for success and a happy life
3 ingredients for success and a happy life

There are mistakes on the road to success that are insurmountable and stop almost everyone. It's not about luck, talent, or living conditions. Success lies in the ability …

"And at the beginning of the journey, few believed in us, didn't they?" Quentin Tarantino

Why is it often unlucky, and the long-awaited luck is in no hurry to turn its face? We were taught the wrong thing at school. We were not paying attention to that.

3 ingredients for success and a happy life

1. Take every chance and opportunity

"… do not miss your chance, run rather … after it." Film "Amelie"

Each of us gets the opportunity to change our lives for the better. This applies to personal and career success. But we are afraid. We are cowardly. We do not use the opportunity to take the phone from the girl we like, we pass to approach and get to know each other, we play a sluggish game and lose to more active rivals. A career can change dramatically if a person is more proactive, courageous and thoughtful. Do not lose the opportunities provided due to modesty, self-doubt or doubts.

Sit still, wait for opportunities and slowly rot. We do not take advantage of the chances that life gives us. Stop dreaming and hoping. Chances are not often given. Don't screw them up with your life and dreams.

Feel like a failure
Feel like a failure

2. Don't listen to losers

“Success is envy. It hurts when you are not understood. And no matter how you try to achieve understanding, there will still be those who will condemn you "Michael Jackson

Most people are idiots who do not understand a damn thing, but they take to judge. Poor people tell you how to get rich. Weaklings are taught to be strong. Losers tell you how to succeed. Those who do not stick with the relationship, give advice to others. Listen only to successful people, but do not recklessly trust their advice.

Most people are jealous. As soon as you start doing something that does not fit into their usual world, they will judge. Gossip and criticism are their attempts to drag you back into the mire of losers. Spit on the opinions of others right now, it will untie your hands and make you invulnerable to opponents.

3. Don't play by the rules

“… The winner is not the one who knows how to play by all the rules; the winner is the one who knows how to abandon all the rules at the right time, to impose on the game their own rules, unknown to the enemy, and when necessary - to abandon them. Who said that their own pieces are less dangerous than the opponent's pieces? Nonsense, your own pieces are much more dangerous than your opponent's pieces. Who said that the king should be protected and taken away from under the check? Nonsense, there are no kings that cannot be replaced with some knight or even a pawn. Who said that a pawn that breaks through to the last rank necessarily becomes a piece? Nonsense, sometimes it is much more useful to leave it as a pawn - let him stand on the edge of the abyss for the edification of other pawns …”Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

The rules are given in order to be broken. It is not about laws, but about general human actions. Often we are limited in our actions because of public opinion, morality, principles, or generally accepted rules of conduct. Do not try to play by someone else's rules that were not invented by you. Which do not provide advantages, but only limit. Any rule can be circumvented. You should not be a fool who tied his hands with certain rules of the game. When they are not beneficial to you, you should ignore them.

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