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Unknown facts about Albert Einstein
Unknown facts about Albert Einstein

The most famous physicist Albert Einstein was an interesting person in life. What was the scientist's main passion, what happened in his personal life, how did he not become president, where are the scientist's eyes and brain now, how does Albert Einstein look like Leonardo DiCaprio?

Einstein was the author of more than 300 scientific papers, wrote 150 books and articles, was an honorary doctor of about 20 leading universities, including the USSR Academy of Sciences. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, one of the founders of modern theoretical physics, was very impressive.

Unknown facts about Albert Einstein

Offer to be President of Israel

In 1952, Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. But he refused. Einstein attributed his decision to a lack of experience and ability to work with people. Albert Einstein supported Israel, the scientist has always stood up for the rights of all oppressed peoples.

Unknown facts about Albert Einstein
Unknown facts about Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein loved women

The first wife was Mileva Maric, who was terribly jealous of other women, but this did not stop Einstein. In parallel, he began dating his future second wife. His second life partner was his cousin Elsa Lowenthal. She was older and was already married before. Albert Einstein was then a famous scientist and took other women into the house for the night. But this was perceived by Elsa Lowenthal condescendingly. In the morning she served him coffee.

Einstein refused to save his life

On April 17, 1955, Einstein experienced an abdominal aortic aneurysm that could lead to internal bleeding. He was offered an operation, but Einstein refused to artificially prolong life. When the time came, he wanted to leave beautifully and naturally. He died the next day.

Albert Einstein's brain and eyes

7 hours after his death, during a standard autopsy procedure, Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey removed his Albert Einstein brain. Thomas Stolz kept it to himself, despite the disagreement of his relatives. Then he lost his job and sent pieces of brain slices to scientists for research. He did not sell the brain, despite the offers, but donated parts of the slices to scientists. In addition, Einstein's ophthalmologist Henry Abrams secretly cut out his eyes. This became known only in 1993. They are kept in a safe in New York to this day. Master Yoda from Star Wars has eyes like Einstein.

Albert Einstein with the Nobel Prize and Leonardo DiCaprio with the Oscar

Einstein's work on his famous theory of relativity did not win him the Nobel Prize. Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize story is reminiscent of Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar story. Einstein has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics many times, almost every year. But his ideas were very revolutionary and the members of the award doubted it all. But a diplomatic move was found. In 1921, the prize was awarded to Einstein for the theory of the photoelectric effect, as well as "… and for other works in the field of theoretical physics." All the money from the prize went to the first wife and children, as he promised her.

Unknown facts about Albert Einstein
Unknown facts about Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's main passion was not science

Einstein's main passion was not science. He could not imagine his life without music. He enjoyed music and violin the most. Albert Einstein always traveled with a violin. This was his main passion and joy.

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