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Money mistakes
Money mistakes

At every stage of life, we make financial mistakes that prevent us from living financially. How to plan expenses, save money and have enough money?

Finish university, find a good job, succeed in a career, get married, have children. All this awaits or already exists in each of us. But we are all rungs in our lives, we will experience difficulties with finances. You can make a lot of money, but there will always be little until you learn how to spend wisely. A person who knows how to plan expenses and minimize expenses has enough money.

Money mistakes

1. Monetary error of imitation of a luxurious life

Television and advertising impose on us a lifestyle that only very wealthy people can afford. Do you need a huge apartment, a huge car, the newest phone, trendy branded clothes and thousands of unnecessary things? You have to keep up with the times, otherwise you are a loser in this world.

But do not fall for the advertising bait. Losers are those who thoughtlessly run after advertising pictures and candy wrappers of a beautiful life. It is important to keep spending at the income level. Stop buying things on credit and living beyond your means. Giving up a lot of factors and trying to emulate Hollywood stars will make it much easier. This monetary mistake is inherent in many young people who have not yet understood the value of money. Ponty is not cool, but a sign of weakness in front of the opinions of others.

How do all people like it? The three minute rule
How do all people like it? The three minute rule

A consumer society is bondage, working nonstop and buying things you don't need. It is better to get an education, travel and relax than to run after the fashion of money and spend at work 24 hours a day.

2. Monetary error relationship without discussing finance

Couples in love are in a hurry to get married or live together, but forget to discuss all financial issues. What apartment will you live in? How will finances be channeled towards probable expenses? Who will run the household and distribute the money? Will you buy an apartment or build together? Will your parents give you money for housing or a car? Do you have general financial goals like an apartment or everyone wants to buy it only for themselves?

Money is one of the main factors in the divorce of young families. This monetary mistake will ruin your privacy. Agree on finances in advance and you will not have to get divorced in a year, while dividing the property.

3. Monetary error of wills and inheritances

Ask your grandparents and parents to write a will in advance. Life is too unpredictable and difficult to share an inheritance with incomprehensible relatives or the state. But don't forget about yourself. You may be young, but if you have something to convey, then make a will in advance. Then your children will not have to live in a rented apartment.

4. Money error of shopping for a child

Many young parents do not spare money for a child. They spend money on mountains of toys, pretty clothes, and useless little things. Instead of pampering your child unnecessarily, start saving money for their studies. This money will be very useful to you in the future. And unnecessary things bought in the heat of the moment will not gather dust on the shelves or will not be thrown out like trash.

Do you want to get rich? How can you get rich?
Do you want to get rich? How can you get rich?

5. The money mistake of hoping for a job

Long gone are the days when an employer takes care of his employee all his life. Losing a job can happen to anyone, so don't get too hung up on one place. Try to generate income from multiple sources. Even a small extra income will give you financial independence and new opportunities. Don't try to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your income. So you will reduce the financial risks in life.

6. Money error of waste

Are you one of those who have money in their pocket? Don't waste money left and right. Start saving money for unexpected expenses, education, your business, retirement, and travel.

Planning your expenses, diversifying your income and saving money will make you have enough money. It is enough not to make stupid mistakes and live on like a rich king Croesus.

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