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About lies
About lies

Methods of special services about lies and lies that will definitely come in handy in your life. All the ways how to see through a liar and bring a liar to clean water. Knowing the technique of lying will help you not only to determine the truth, but also to skillfully hide it yourself, as well as lie in the right situation.

Sometimes they lie so clumsily and pitifully that they infuriate. But more often than not, a liar is difficult to reveal. How to deal with this situation?

Lies can be for selfish purposes, to achieve something. Often they lie to the interlocutor for defensive purposes or in an attempt to show themselves better. How to see through a liar? How to identify lies on various grounds? And also how to lie to yourself and not get caught?

From a professional point of view, we learned about lies from the methods of intelligence officers. These guys smell lies and lies a mile away. The intelligence officers are good psychologists and very observant. Therefore, they see lies by many signs, after which they bring the liar to clean water.

It is worth finding a liar's reference line that can betray him. What it is? The reference line is a line showing how a person behaves under normal conditions, his norm. And when a person goes beyond the reference line, then he behaves differently. Therefore, if we know a person for a long time, his usual behavior, then it is easier for us to determine where the truth ends and the lie begins. But you can see through a stranger too.

No need to be shy
No need to be shy

How to see through a girl on a lie? How do you know if a guy is lying? How to understand that a stranger is lying and what is hidden by this lie?

About lies

1. Calm the liar

The films always show how they yell at the defendant, but in reality, an experienced interrogator acts differently. If a person is agitated or worried, it is difficult to determine where is the lie and where is the truth. To begin with, the liar is calmed. Therefore, it is recommended to "feed, drink and put to sleep" the interlocutor, and then ask questions.

2. Ask an easy question to a liar

After the potential liar has calmed down, you should start asking easy and innocent questions. To find the reference line, they ask a harmless question or more. To which you know the answer yourself. Now the line of conduct is clear, which corresponds to the truth. The liar relaxes, he does not have to lie yet and use a saving lie. It is worth paying attention to how he behaves. As he breathes, looks, straightens his clothes, ruffles his hair, sighs.

3. The main signs of lying

Now is the time to ask questions where a liar can lie. And then watch the words. 2-5 seconds after the question, the liar will begin to change his behavior. It takes time for a person to construct a lie instead of the truth. He may stumble, think for a long time, or shoot out words. Even if a person came up with a lie in advance, he can be wrong.

The liar, instead of a direct answer, may begin to indulge in explanations. He will add description, details, details. His answer will be voluminous, to lend credence.

How to bluff in life?
How to bluff in life?

A liar can talk about the fact that he is good, positive, talk about the merits. An honest person will answer the truth, will not try to justify or embellish himself.

Avoiding the question betrays a liar. The liar will shy away from direct answers, pretend that he does not hear or is busy. A liar can answer a question with a question.

The liar is actively responding to accusations. Excessive emotions can be an attempt to hide the truth. It's easier to show indignation than to skillfully lie and hide emotions.

The truth is always quick and clear, and the lie is florid, beautiful and foggy.

4. The liar betrays the body

Body language can tell about lies and lies. A person can control his words or come up with a lie in advance, but it can be difficult for him to control his body. Many cope with the control of the face, but then they are given away by other parts of the body.

It is only in films that liars hide their eyes. Liars look straight in the eye as if they have nothing to hide. A kind of challenge that they are "honest" people. An ordinary person, not a liar, may not even look in the eyes when answering.

Many people, when lying, instinctively cover their mouths, touch their nose, ear, chin or other parts of the face. The person is trying to hide from the lie.

Liars can change in the face, eyes can run, and lips can be compressed to try to hide the truth.

A liar, speaking a lie, pulls his head into himself or freezes. He feels a sin behind him.

How to start life from scratch?
How to start life from scratch?

If a person subtly shakes his head negatively or positively before lying, then he will now lie. This is one of the indirect signs.

In addition to the face that the liar can control, the liar is betrayed by the legs. The liar swaps or taps his legs. The direction of the foot on the leg should be directed towards the interlocutor. If they are directed towards the exit, the person tries to escape and carry the lie with him.

How to lie to yourself so that you don't get caught?

The ability to identify lies will be useful to you, as well as to lie. In the modern world, all around lies and lies. We are time for a thousand reasons, but sometimes lies are better than the truth. Therefore, if you are lying, then do it professionally so that you do not get caught.

The main thing is to avoid all mistakes that betray a liar. Be simpler and use fewer words. In addition, in order to lie well, you need to believe the lie yourself. Practice if you have a serious conversation, and you have to lie in a responsible case. Even if you are caught in a lie, then deny it.

That's all you need to know about lies and lies.

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