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How to lead
How to lead

People who take the first positions in life are winners and leaders. How to become one of them? It's all about the habits of people who know how to be effective and the best in any situation.

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects the wind to change. The Leader Turns the Sails to the Wind "John Maxwell

Most leaders and successful people have several habits that allow them to bypass other people.

How to lead

1. Leaders know what they want

When you understand what and how, it becomes much easier. Leaders calculate and plan ahead. Make short and long term plans. Set goals for the day, week, month, year and five years. Clear plans and goals will not allow you to waste time and energy in vain. It's time to keep your priorities in focus and not get distracted by little things.

2. Leaders are sociable

Leaders understand that in today's world, success cannot be achieved without the ability to communicate. Read the five most popular books on communication and communication with people. You will understand that many things in life have been said wrong. High-quality social communication will teach you to be smarter than the interlocutor, will give you the ability to calculate steps forward, play on emotions, achieve what you want and become closer in spirit to the interlocutor.

3. Leaders are curious and curious

Leaders don't try to be know-it-alls. They are not blinded by their own worth, ego, or pride. Leaders are curious and curious. They are not afraid to ask questions, be interested in new ideas, and gain knowledge. Leaders are always learning. This is the reason for their success.

Don't compromise with yourself, with others and with the world
Don't compromise with yourself, with others and with the world

4. Leaders are looking for like-minded people

An alcoholic has five of his closest friends - alcoholics. The hard worker has other hard workers. Businessmen have businessmen. If you want to change yourself, change your environment. Connect more with promising people who are moving forward. Look for gathering places for leaders at seminars, self-improvement courses, business meetings. Surround yourself with strong people. This will give not only knowledge, connections, new thinking and the right approach. This will give you a chance to join the new stream. You will be like cucumbers in a jar boiled in one juice. This is the juice of leadership and success.

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