Tricky tricks of negative characters
Tricky tricks of negative characters

How to manipulate and influence other people? How to control others using the cunning techniques of sociapaths, manipulators, narcissists and other asocial people?

Usually, the most negative characters that come along the way can teach you a lot. Sociopaths, manipulators, narcissists, and other antisocial people use a variety of distracting tactics to influence others.

Tricky tricks of negative characters


If the situation is not very good and not beneficial for the negative character, then he simply denies it: “It wasn’t,” “You’ve lost your mind,” “You imagined God knows what,” “You are not objective,” “You are too emotional.” Raise doubts in the interlocutor about your own righteousness.

Meaningless conversations

Sometimes you can fool your interlocutor with endless arguments, circular dialogues, false arguments and pointless chatter. The interlocutor will get bogged down in words and will not be able to achieve what he wants.

Generalization, distortion, or absurdity

Instead of recognizing the argumentation and arguments, you can generalize everything to the wrong, but necessary conclusions for you. Make the words of the interlocutor absurd and ridiculous, so easily you will break the arguments of the enemy.

Threats and humor

Not everyone can withstand the power pressure. The use of ultimatums, latent and explicit threats sometimes helps to achieve the desired. Injections, humor, irony and sarcasm are also good weapons.

Hit below the belt

People themselves are extremely vulnerable and weak. But everyone has their own vulnerabilities. You just need to find them and push. In a convenient situation, it is better to shame or blame the interlocutor. This is going to be a good hit below the belt.

Trapped in reputation. Why doesn't a strong person need the approval of others?
Trapped in reputation. Why doesn't a strong person need the approval of others?

Good people should also use tricky tricks of negative characters, otherwise you will not cope with assholes and you will not achieve anything in this life.

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