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Tricky psychological tricks
Tricky psychological tricks

Psychological tricks are dishonest and mean, but fun and good for you. How do I get the answer I want? How to be popular? How to get consent? How do I get help? How to look confident? How to tie a person to yourself and fall in love?

How do you get what you want? Act wisely! Use the secrets of psychological tricks to get the desired result. It's time to manipulate people with psychology.

Tricky psychological tricks

1. How to get the right answer

Having received an answer that is not what you wanted, it is not necessary to start arguing and sorting out the relationship. You can do smarter. It is enough to look closely into the eyes of the interlocutor. This will make the person feel uncomfortable, as if cornered. The interlocutor will begin to explain the reason for his answer and may make concessions.

2. How to find a common language

Do you want to easily find a common language with people, enter into trust or like? Use mirroring behavior. Repeat gestures, body movements, posture, voice of the interlocutor, walk in step and breathe in unison. Mirroring will help to be your own in the board. This technique is often used when meeting a cute pickup chick.

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3. How to look confident

Keep your posture straight. An upright posture increases confidence in a person. A person with an even posture looks more confident and stronger, and this is a well-known body language technique.

4. How to avoid aggression

Are you coming up with a showdown with a person? It can be a meeting, a conflict or a showdown with a girl. Position yourself as close to the aggressor as possible. It will be physically uncomfortable for the attacker to attack someone who is very close.

5. How to get consent

To get consent from the interlocutor, you need to be able to act correctly during a conversation. Nod your head slightly when talking. The person will perceive what is said to be true and will more easily agree.

6. How to get help

People like to feel needed and smart. The phrases "I need your help" or "could you give me advice" fit very well. You can ask for something incredible, and then more mundane. The second time a person cannot refuse.

7. How to be popular

Do you want to be a little more popular and pleasant to talk to? Memorize the names and always call the interlocutors by name. A person feels special when his name sounds.

8. How to deal with someone else's anger

They raised their voice at you. This can be a boss, a colleague, a friend, or a girl. In such a situation, you should be cold-blooded. Answer calmly without raising your voice. This will silence the attacking person. Feelings of anger will quickly subside, passions will subside, and the attacker will feel uncomfortable and apologize.

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How to understand what you want from life?

9. How to manipulate people?

Find the weak points of the interlocutor and play on them. Manipulate with guilt, resentment, anger, hope, silence, sarcasm, irony, vanity.

10. How to tie a person to yourself and fall in love

This is a good trick to use in relationships. Encourage the person, and then discourage and disappoint. Then again give hope with happiness. Be friendly and charming, and then get cold and sullen. Cold - hot. Far close. Thus, you can tie a person to yourself and even fall in love.

Psychological tricks are dishonest and mean, but fun and good for you. Use them, because most people are naive.

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