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What does study give?
What does study give?

What can you learn from studying besides useful knowledge? The educational institutions where we gnawed the granite of science gave us useful skills that we apply in our daily life on a regular basis. What can and should be learned during the years of study?

"We all learned a little, something and somehow." A. S. Pushkin

What did study at school, university, master's degree give us? Knowledge? This is obvious, but not the most important thing. School, institute, university are an important part of life that raised us in its own way. Knowledge is often not needed, unlike other truths that we have learned during this time on our own.

What does study give?

1. Understanding the importance of a good team

Many times we have been in a team with different people. We played sports games, did group projects and labs. The success of group work depends on the right team.

Wrong partners will force you to rely only on yourself. You will have to do everything yourself and drag the team along. It will be hard. Why did you choose bad teammates?

A good team will do their part, and you will be able to entrust some of the work to other people. But if you are the weak link in a good team, then you will be hated.

Choosing a good team will be when looking for work, friends and a second half. A good and strong team is important, it will make you more powerful. A weak team will exhaust you and weaken you. Choose those who are next to you.

What opportunity does life give
What opportunity does life give

2. Understanding productivity

Getting a huge chunk of work done in a short amount of time won't be a problem. We will learn to mobilize strength and strain for a snatch. But doing everything on time becomes a good quality.

You’ll realize that going out at night always affects your productivity the next day, and alcohol knocks you out of your rut.

You will learn how to dress and pack in a couple of minutes, rushing to school.

Skipping a small piece of information can be detrimental to further understanding. And so on increasing. There is never a lot of knowledge.

3. Understanding relationships with people

You will learn to communicate and find language with different people. You will meet many people along the way. Friends will come and go. You will have different priorities and outlook on life, and that tears apart. But with others, you will converge strongly, finding common goals and dreams.

Besides friends, you will meet many girls. You will determine who you want to find, who attracts and what qualities you value in a girl most of all. In a relationship, everything is confusing and complicated, but you will begin to understand something in love and enjoy today.

Studying has given us more than is commonly believed.

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