The employment myth
The employment myth

Overwork, burnout and depression? No free time for work, sleep, rest, friends, travel and realization of dreams? The fact that you are busy is a myth. You just don't know how to manage your time.

In the modern world, everyone is catastrophically busy. Has the myth that you are very busy, there is no free time for work, sleep, rest, friends, travel and the realization of dreams already struck you? Overwork, burnout and depression are your constant companions?

So it's time to fix it. Constant employment is a myth or even a disease that afflicts most of us. The myth of employment holds us back, prevents us from developing, achieving success and being happy.

The employment myth

So it's time to break this myth. It's not about being busy. You have as much time as everyone else on this planet. The fact is that you are the one who does not know how to manage your time at all.

1. Keep a time log

It seems pointless at first, but it will help more than recording financial expenses. Make notes every half hour what you did. If you are constantly sitting at the computer, then install the RescueTime program. She works in the background and records your actions.

Analyze your time spent. You will definitely be surprised. What did you do every hour, how many times were distracted, lazy and did not what was required? Make a list of everything that is taking your time.

How to make a good impression?
How to make a good impression?

2. Disable social networks

Is virtual life wasting time in your real life? This is one of your main enemies. If you can't refuse, then keep it to a minimum. View it a couple of times a day, but only at a designated time. Progress is made in the marten, not in virtual life, but in real life.

3. Take breaks

If the working day or other activity looks like endless, then it is difficult to do something. Everything will be like a fog. Use the tomato method. Divide your workflow into 25 minute chunks. 5 minutes to rest between hikes. At this time, a person can concentrate as much as possible on achieving goals. And rest will allow the mind to remain sharp and not clouded. Taking breaks allows you to control your affairs and not be distracted by nonsense.

4. Don't always say yes

Always Say Yes is not a great movie for those who have problems with perpetual employment. Learn to say no when someone is trying to use you for their own purposes or to captivate you with an unnecessary occupation. Say “no” and politely refuse everything that prevents you from living a normal life.

5. Get enough sleep

Your performance will tend to zero if you do not constantly get enough sleep. The person becomes more inhibited, stupid and ineffective. One and the same task takes 20-30% more time. And globally, going to bed would be a good idea.

6. Do important things

Why is there no free time? I'm too busy
Why is there no free time? I'm too busy

Do the most difficult ones right away, without postponing them for later. Learn to prioritize your life. Concentrate on what matters most. Don't let insignificant matters dissipate your time and energy.

The fact that you are busy is a myth. You just don't know how to manage your time.

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