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Surfing the wave of success to the dream
Surfing the wave of success to the dream

Some people fail, although they try their best. Others go through life easily, with money, success, women and everything else. An esoteric method of achieving success and dreams, which is used by the powers that be.

How to go through life easily, without strain and work 24 hours a day? How do you manage to do everything and succeed at the same time? There is a transurfing method that allows a person to catch the wave of success, and not fight against the current.

Surfing the wave of success to the dream

1. Power of thought

How are successful people different from ordinary people? Only by thinking and the ability to build your own destiny. Mental energy is material. Everything is possible in this world and depends only on thoughts. When you rearrange your thoughts, then there will be changes.

The world is a mirror of thoughts. As you paint it, so be it. Do you see difficulties, problems and setbacks at every corner? And so it will be. Do you see positive aspects, successes, new opportunities and good chances? And so it will be.

Does the world fight against you or does it provide opportunities? Make a choice. Start making your own reality.

2. Suspension

Many people are used to trying to punch walls with their foreheads. Faced with an unsolvable problem, they are trying hard to deal with it right now. They spend time and last effort trying to get through. But the secret is that the proverb "the morning is wiser than the evening" did not arise in vain. Try to distance yourself from the problem.

How to find your calling in life?
How to find your calling in life?

If you cannot do anything, and the problems are not solvable at the moment and do not depend on you, then there is nothing to worry about and fight like a fish on ice.

Reduce the importance of everything that happens. Relax and let go of the situation. Step back and watch how the situation decides and settles itself.

Everything that happens is for your good. In most cases, difficulties are resolved for the better, as soon as you start to go with the flow.

3. Gratitude

We are used to asking higher powers when it is hard and difficult. And when all is well and success is on our side, we become smug, ungrateful and arrogant. We forget to thank the higher powers and guardian angels for everything that we have. For which fate can easily be thrown to the ground, so as not to be arrogant.

Sometimes people give thanks, but it doesn't help and it still gets worse. The point is that we must say thank you even for the fact that it didn’t work out. Thank you for your failures. We're angry that it didn't work out the way we wanted it to. But fate knows better. It's like in a popular song: "If a bride leaves for another, it is not known who is lucky."

Get into the habit of saying thank you to fate and the guardian angels. Not just talking, but also feeling grateful.

Thoughts, goals and dreams

Transurfing is the ability to slide along different life lines. If we think positively, then at the fork we turn into the best line of destiny development. As soon as we start to be arrogant, scold life and get angry, we turn on the path of failure. It all starts with thoughts, and successful and rich people have long understood this.

The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized
The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized

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