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How to be more charismatic
How to be more charismatic

The ability to attract other people to oneself, to please others, to easily find friends and girls is not given to everyone from birth. Pump your charisma to the maximum and use this skill for the rest of your life.

“Charismatics are not ordinary people. They give off an aroma of adventure and risk, very attractive for those who are bored with life.”Robert Green

Charismatic people are not distinguished by their beauty, but they are always surrounded by attention, and especially by women. Why is that? Charisma is a radiation of character traits that everyone likes.

How to be more charismatic

1. Charisma and confidence

Charismatic people are confident in themselves. They are not obsessed with their imperfections in appearance, dress, or financial situation. Charismatics feel confident in any situation, ignore the condemnation of others and clearly know their own worth.

2. Charisma and voice

Charismatic personalities have a clear, clear and loud voice. They control their speech, do not mumble to themselves or stutter with excitement. Learn the art of public speaking.

3. Charisma and look

Look people in the eye when you meet, and do not look away. Charismatic people look at others directly in the eyes, but not constantly, but only within the bounds of decency.

How to be more charismatic
How to be more charismatic

4. Charisma and behavior

Body language betrays insecure people and highlights the strong. Do not pinch, do not cross your arms, straighten your shoulders. Walk clearly and confidently.

Self-development tips
Self-development tips

5. Charisma and persistence

Express your thoughts clearly and be persistent. Convince people, demand respect for yourself and achieve your goal without deviating from the goal.

You can learn charisma by looking at famous action movie heroes. Their behavior, gestures, words and self-confidence.

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