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How do you position yourself
How do you position yourself

What is the first word that comes to people's minds when your name is mentioned? Is it successful, confident and strong? Or maybe a loser? People sometimes forget about the importance of positioning their personality.

With what do you position the names "Rolls-Royce" or "Bentley"? It's luxury, money, coolness, and success. Car manufacturer brands have long associated their name with some sensations that have been deposited in the brain.

What do people think of you when they hear or see? What is your name associated with? You definitely don't want to be remembered as a loser, awkward, or weird guy. How to create a good impression and position yourself correctly?

How do you position yourself

First impression. Make a good first impression. Maintain eye contact, don't slouch, be confident. Be kind, positive and firm. Leave the first impression you want.

The right hobbies and hobbies. Having learned that a person is engaged in Muay Thai or mixed martial arts, we understand that such a person is strong. He can stand up for himself if necessary. Passion for art speaks of the refined nature of a person. Show the right side of you depending on the situation.

Style of clothes. Formal or informal? They are always greeted by their clothes. Choose your preferred clothing style for positioning. The color of the clothes also matters.

Behavior. How do you behave and how do you communicate with others? How do people perceive you? A degree of friendliness and confidence? What makes you different from the rest?

Positive change
Positive change
Speaking and voice are important positioning factors. The voice speaks of confidence, masculinity, energy, firmness, or wisdom.

Your positioning strategy depends on how you want people to perceive you. Build your strategy and don't let it take its course. What does your name say to other people?

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