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Why are you a loser
Why are you a loser

Some people are successful and others are failures. The former have money, business, women and cars, while the latter have a miserable job, wind in their pockets and hopelessness. Why are you a failure and will remain so forever.

Why can't you do anything special, even if you try your best? Why do you remain a failure, even if you deny it sometimes?

Why are you a loser

1. You are looking for easy ways

You are a failure because you are looking for an easy route to success. Many people believe that they will be able to trick the system and everyone else. They come up with a trick, start looking for easy and workarounds. But the easy and cunning path is fraught with the fact that millions of people have already tried to follow it. A couple of lucky ones slipped by, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Anyone looking for an easy and fast path to success pays the price in failure. For every tricky ass there is a tricky bolt. The system gradually punishes everyone and has rude cunning. There is no easy way to success, but there is punishment. Choose the difficult and effective path, you will never meet competitors on it.

2. You are pseudo-successful

Take off your pink pseudo-success glasses. The mistake of all such arrogant people is that they misjudge the situation. Having earned an extra ruble, having achieved a small goal or seducing an ordinary girl, losers begin to think a lot about themselves. A loser considers himself successful, although from the outside he is an ordinary loser who was lucky a couple of times. So losers soar in pink clouds, forgetting that pink glasses break glass inward.

Happiness does not come after success in life, but before it
Happiness does not come after success in life, but before it

3. You are not flexible

A successful person doesn't do nonsense, but a loser does. Do the same thing 10 times, hoping to get a different result? It is nonsense. If the method does not work, then you should admit it and try another method. Flexibility in thinking and acting is essential to success. But losers prefer to persistently smash their foreheads against the wall.

4. You think you are special

You are a failure because you think you are the chosen one and lucky. Are you special, unique, extraordinary and not born for all this? Approximately 7.6 billion people on Earth think so. You are the most ordinary person, go down to earth and adequately assess everything around. You won't be able to get it all free because you are lucky. Success comes to those who try, and not just like that. There will be no lottery ticket.

5. You are lazy and give up quickly

You are lazy enough to try many times. Most losers give up after one, two, five, and ten tries. Successful people try again and again. Until victory is achieved. Waiting for ideal conditions, giving up and hoping for a miracle are signs of failure.

Why are you a loser? You probably have a couple more reasons that only you yourself know. It remains only to admit this to myself.

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