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What you can't say to please people
What you can't say to please people

Some people do not know how to communicate, and then they complain about the lack of friends, acquaintances and a soul mate. How to boost your emotional intelligence and manage other people's emotions? What do smart and emotionally mature people not say to please others?

"Know a donkey by its ears, a bear by its claws, and a fool by its speech"

Sometimes we regret the words spoken when it's too late and the connection with the interlocutor is broken. Smart people avoid saying things that can be perceived negatively. How to develop your emotional intelligence, learn to understand people and manage their emotions?

What you can't say to please people

I told you

Many modern people, especially women, sin with this phrase. By saying this, you put yourself above and better than the interlocutor. This is akin to insulting and doubting the intelligence of the interlocutor. Remembering your own mind and the stupidity of another is extremely low. The interlocutor will not appreciate your words and will be offended.

You look tired

It is not very decent to show a person that he looks bad and that not everything is in order. Be more careful and take an interest in how the business man is.

"You never", "You always"

These words are too stupid and dramatic, and are pronounced in a moment of anger. They are full of contempt and rejection of the interlocutor. In response, the person goes into defense and ignores the interlocutor.

How to stop giving up halfway through?
How to stop giving up halfway through?

You look great for your age

With this dubious "compliment" you only make the person worse. Emphasizing age, gender, or race is wrong. The interlocutor will be offended and unpleasant.

"I'm not interested in this"

It is extremely tactless to deny anything that may be important to the interlocutor. Better listen carefully than be known as rude

With all due respect

These words are far from respectful and offend the interlocutor. Each interlocutor deserves a normal relationship without any doubts.

"Do what you want" or "I said"

It is stupid to issue an ultimatum, and categoricalness is akin to stupidity. If the interlocutor is smart and mature, then he will immediately sweep aside such claims. Sometimes people will in spite of doing the opposite and will not listen.

An intelligent person thinks first, and then speaks, and not vice versa.

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