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How to save time
How to save time

Constantly no free time and do not have time for anything? Catastrophic lack of time for personal affairs, work, relationships? Perhaps you just do not know how to manage time like most people.

According to polls, about 65% of people do not have time to do their business and rest. What is the problem with such disastrous employment? In 95% of cases, in ignorance of time management and not being able to allocate their time. How to save time and be in time everywhere? Here are a couple of temporary life hacks.

How to save time

1. Set limits on entertainment. These are the main killers of our time. We hang out on social media, the internet, and toys more than we planned. Set a clear time for this kind of entertainment and not for a minute more.

2. Say no. Learn to refuse people and say no. It's nice to be polite, but you also need to consider your interests. Learn to say no without excuses or explanations.

3. Become more decisive. We often spend more time thinking than is necessary. For example, we choose which movie to watch rather than watching the movie itself.

4. Take breaks. You won't be able to work a lot due to the physical characteristics of a person. Take a 5 minute break every hour. Try not to work at lunchtime. This will not save much, but it will reduce performance.

5. Turn off notifications. Turn off regular social media and mail notifications. Leave only the necessary ones, and for the rest, make a check every 4 hours or less.

How to get rid of laziness forever?
How to get rid of laziness forever?
Try to save time on the road. If you can't save time on the road, then do something useful. You can listen to audiobooks, learn the language and do other things.

7. Highlight priorities. Identify the most important things to do and do them first. This will help to clean up the most difficult cases, and do small things during breaks.

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