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55 youthful rakes that will smash your forehead repeatedly
55 youthful rakes that will smash your forehead repeatedly

When we were young, we stepped on a rake, but it was permissible. We were young, arrogant, stupid, in love and naive. But when you grow up, then breaking your forehead again is already bad manners and is not worthy of you. It's time to learn how to get around trouble and not make stupid mistakes.

It is normal to make mistakes and suffer from them when you are young. But over time, it becomes indecent, stupid, arrogant and undignified to dance on such a rake of youth. What mistakes do we make the most, even though it's high time to avoid all this crap?

55 youthful rakes that will smash your forehead repeatedly

1. If you study well, you will achieve a lot and you will be successful.

2. It is necessary to live as others say and advise.

3. The best thing is not to take risks and to act with confidence.

4. Going back to your ex is a good idea.

5. You can spend all the money on the next nonsense or drink it.

6. You need to trust people and doubt yourself.

7. Spending all the time, money and energy on women is the best pastime.

8. Someone else's opinion is so important to you.

9. If you have suffered a defeat or a few setbacks, then it's time to give up.

10. You can always hope for financial support from parents or friends.

11. If you wait a long time, you will definitely get lucky.

12. Success comes only to those who are talented, educated and smart.

13. It is necessary to please everyone and avoid conflict.

14. Friendship with a person is forever.

15. Health will stand, there is nothing to feel sorry for yourself.

16. In a conversation, you can interrupt a person and not listen to him.

17. The main thing is to work well and work hard, then everything will work out.

18. Life is meaningless.

19. Patience and persistence are bad quality.

20. Bias and formulaic thinking helps to simplify decision making.

21. Stash and saving money for a rainy day is for old people.

22. It is very important to win the argument and prove your case.

23. Missed the chance? There won't be anything new.

24. It is very important to post photos on a social network.

25. Wandering in the clouds is very useful. You can even do nothing.

26. There is a perfect person for a relationship. Reference.

What mistakes do you make every day? 30 of your mistakes
What mistakes do you make every day? 30 of your mistakes
55 youthful rakes that will smash your forehead repeatedly
55 youthful rakes that will smash your forehead repeatedly

27. There are always guilty ones, because of whom you do not succeed.

28. Selfishness will make you happy.

29. It is very helpful to criticize and judge others.

30. You need to sleep with as many girls as possible.

31. Loans, installments and debt are normal.

32. One must accept the opinion of the crowd and adhere to the opinion of the majority.

33. You can eat anything and it will have no consequences.

34. You need to be very worried about what you do not have.

35. There is always a tricky way and you can find a loophole to success (MMM, poker, bitcoins).

36. Constantly worrying and being loaded for any reason is very useful.

37. Overconfidence and overestimation of your capabilities will help you.

38. You can skip sports and sleep a little.

39. Happiness depends only on the amount of money.

40. You can hide from negative consequences by sticking your head in the sand.

41. You can trust people unconditionally.

42. You can always postpone things until later, or better for the next year.

43. All people are evil and bad.

44. Conservatism and persistence in mistakes help in life.

45. You can not communicate with friends and maintain friendship.

46. You are much better and smarter than others.

47. There is someone who will solve all your problems.

48. You are a small person and you can do nothing.

49. You have a lot of time, you can take your time.

50. Moving to another location will solve all problems.

51. The main thing is to make as much money as possible and spend all your time at work.

52. Pessimism is better than optimism.

53. Confessing love, apologizing and protecting love is not necessary.

54. There are things more important than family and loved ones.

55. You can be happy someday later.

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