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How to talk and conduct a conversation correctly?
How to talk and conduct a conversation correctly?

The ability to communicate with people is a guarantee of success in professional and personal life. But often people make mistakes in conversation that negate all their efforts.

Conversation is a sign of mutual sympathy, when it is required to show understanding, empathy and the ability to conduct a conversation. Our life is very much dependent on the ability to properly conduct a conversation with those who are of interest to us.

How to speak and conduct a conversation correctly?

• Never interrupt people. Many people cannot restrain themselves and begin to interrupt the interlocutor by inserting their 5 kopecks. This is very unpleasant and annoying to the interlocutor.

• Keep the conversation going. Talk about what is interesting to the interlocutor, not you. Ask leading questions and listen more than speak. People are waiting for the opportunity to speak up.

• Speak last. It can be a single conversation or a whole company. Let everyone express their thoughts and give complete information. You will know everything that previous speakers have said, this will allow you to analyze all opinions and not get into a mess. You will be the wisest person if you open your mouth last.

• Copy the mood of the interlocutor. Feel the speaker's mood and thoughts. Understanding the interlocutor will help you find common ground more easily. Empathize with the current emotional state of the interlocutor.

• Speak confidently, judiciously and calmly. Radiate complete control over the conversation and don't fuss. Speak clearly and clearly.

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Don't say too much at once. Leave an understatement that can be corrected by you in the right direction.

• Show respect for the interlocutor. Try to be suave. Call the interlocutor by name, do not get distracted from the conversation, maintain the desired distance and eye contact.

• Avoid the taboo there. It is better not to talk about politics, religion, diseases, gossip and intimacy in order to avoid misunderstandings.

• Do you have something to say? Before you open your mouth, make sure you really have something to say other than hums and useless nonsense.

• Become positive when speaking. With negative people or frankly bored, no one will have a conversation. Tune in to a positive wave.

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