You go through life like a downed pilot
You go through life like a downed pilot

Why is it sometimes very bad and nothing works? What prevents a person from acting within the framework of his life in full force, what makes him weaker and deprives him of the chance to win? How to realize yourself, become stronger and move forward without delay?

Hello, downed pilot! Most people have stepped on countless rakes in their lives. We were deceived, betrayed, let down, not given a chance or led by the nose. We ourselves mowed as best we could, made mistakes, hovered in the clouds, did nonsense and preferred to look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

But at one point we realized that we had lost. After all this, we became weaker. Unsatisfied expectations, hard feelings and bitter resentment began to pull back each of us.

The point is, we cannot forgive. Forgive enemies, ex-relationship partners, friends, acquaintances, parents, loved ones, and ourselves. Having received defeat at one point in our lives, we never left it. We, like a downed pilot, pull a parachute with us, without unfastening it after landing. The pilot was knocked out, he survived, but did not get rid of the guilt for the defeat. There can be five or ten such parachutes. Every bitterness and resentment pulls us back. This prevents us from boarding the plane again and starting to move towards the dream.

Not so simple
Not so simple

You can often see a person stumbling, confused, and fixated on a problem. Mistake or betrayal is a thing of the past, but pain is still there. A wound, anger or pain can haunt a person for decades, leaving them vulnerable and weak.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. A person feels like a victim, sitting in his own prison, filled with pain, suffering and failure.

Forgiveness, happiness and success

“If we listened to our minds, we would never have a love relationship. We would never have a friendship. We would never go for it, because we would be cynical: “Something is wrong” - or: “She will leave me” - or: “I have already burned myself, and therefore …” This is stupidity. So you can miss your whole life. Each time you have to jump off a cliff and grow wings on the way down.”Ray Bradbury

We do not forgive and pay a high price for this. We lose health, become weak, look like losers, fearful of risks, unhappy and have no chance of success. It is impossible to achieve a dream by pulling all the parachutes with you.

But by forgiving, we become free and strong. We have a chance to sit back at the helm of the plane and set off on the path to the dream. Forgiveness takes courage, but many lack it and drag on their mistakes.

Learn to forgive everyone who hurt you, and learn to forgive yourself. Let go of the past and move forward. Get back your strength and confidence. Take control of life.

How to be motivated?
How to be motivated?

Downed pilot, unfasten your parachute, become a pilot again and be happy. Today is the best day for that.

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