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Only purpose and plan will lead to the dream
Only purpose and plan will lead to the dream

Don't you have a life plan and goals? The drift through life will return you to the beginning, lead you to an unknown place or to a place where you would not want to be. Only correctly set goals and a clear plan will lead to the desired dream. What are you dreaming about?

If you don't have any goals, then you just drift on the ice floe, hoping that it will take you where you need it. But miracles do not happen, and luck is too capricious. Life direction will be wrong, you will return to the starting point or find yourself where you least wanted to be. The only way to achieve a dream in life is to set a goal and plan yourself. But even if a person sets a goal, his maximums reach 5%, and 95% suffer an offensive defeat. The fact is that they do not set their goals correctly. How do you set a goal and plan to succeed?

Only purpose and plan will lead to the dream

1. The goal must be specific

Thinking about how to lose weight, build muscle or learn a foreign language is just a dream. The goal should be specific. "I want to lose 12 kg, remove fat from the abdomen and sides in six months" or "I want to learn English to the Intermediate level in a year."

2. The goal must be measurable

How to start life from scratch?
How to start life from scratch?

How can the distance to the target be determined and measured? The number of kilograms dropped should be divided by six months and look at the achieved result every week. It turns out that you need to lose weight at a rate of 500 grams per week or 2 kilograms per month. Language learning can be counted in terms of the number of lessons.

3. The goal must be realistic

It is impossible to lose 12 kg in a month, which will immediately lead to the fact that faith in yourself will disappear. It is impossible to learn English in a month to a good level. Set a realistic goal without deceiving yourself or others.

4. The goal should be related to time

Time tells you when you have to reach your goal without postponing everything indefinitely. This creates a sense of urgency and importance. You must clearly understand when you will get the desired and desired result.

5. Why do you want to achieve the goal?

Decide for yourself how desirable the goal is. Why do you want to lose weight or learn a language? What will be your reward for this? How strong is the motivation or don't you really want it? “I want to lose 12 kg in six months in order to look amazing in the summer” or “I want to learn English to Intermediate level in a year so that I can change my job to the one I dream about.”

Success is not an accident. It is the discipline of building a plan and goals.

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