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How to cut costs and get richer
How to cut costs and get richer

Each ruble saved allows you to save money for other dreams or put them in a piggy bank. The easiest way to have more money in your pocket is to reconsider your spending and lower it. The money is too expensive for us to let it go easily.

No matter how much you get, money saved is money earned. Budget cuts will allow additional money to appear, which can be spent on other plans or put in a piggy bank.

How to cut costs and get richer

1. Take lunch with you to work and stop buying coffee

Many of us at work are waiting for lunch for a delicious snack. But often, dinners take up a lot of money that can be used more effectively. Have a good breakfast and pack your lunch. This will reduce your daily expenses. Stop buying coffee every morning or a bun at the cafe. In most cases, this will save you a lot of money if you recalculate the monthly amount.

2. Entertainment expenses

Every weekend we try to have fun and spend a lot of money on vacation. But going to a concert, club, cinema or cafe, we spend a lot of money. Buying alcohol and food can take a lot of money from us. If you also treat friends and girls, then the costs can be unrealistically high. Try to reconsider your spending on entertainment and choose less expensive pastimes.

Life-changing habits
Life-changing habits

3. Use public transport

The car makes transport costs extremely high. Use public transportation whenever possible. In summer, you can ride a bike to work. This approach to relocation will reduce gasoline, parking and depreciation costs.

4. Buy at discounts

Buying clothes at peak prices is not a great idea. Try to guess and use store discounts to update your wardrobe. Sometimes you can spend 2-3 times less money if you buy at the right time and in the right place.

5. Renting an apartment

Many of us live in rented accommodation. Renting a cheaper option or with friends will save you a lot of money. There are areas where rent is much cheaper than in the city center.

6. Reduce energy consumption and other household expenses

Progress does not stand still. Use LED bulbs to reduce your electricity bills. Disconnect all electrical devices that are not in use. This will save electricity and money.

7. Use second-hand items

Sometimes buying used items is a good idea. TV, furniture, car, telephone, bicycle, camera. There are a lot of practically new things out there at ridiculous prices.

8. Buying things through the online store

It's nice to buy a thing in the store and leave with it right away. But often buying online at cheap sites can save you a lot of money.

8. Disable unnecessary services

How to get richer and earn more? 11 steps to money
How to get richer and earn more? 11 steps to money

We often have multiple SIM cards on our phone and tariffs that take a lot of money. Reconsider the tariff schedule of cellular operators and switch to newer and more economical ones. What are the internet and television costs in your home? Can you choose a more democratic and profitable package to save money?

9. The right trip to the store

Don't go to the store when you're hungry. Otherwise, you will buy a lot of things that you don't really need. Make a list of what you need to buy. Buying groceries in a wholesale store once a week will be more profitable. Choose places where the price tag is better and the product is not worse. Try to stop buying sausages, sausages. Switch to real meat, this will allow you to get more wholesome food.

10. Do not take loans and installments

People love to spend money that they haven't earned. But why pay extra money to banks? Even if you take it in installments and without overpayments, this is not always the best option. When buying with cash, there is almost always a 10-30% discount. For cash, you can find a store that offers goods much lower than those that have an installment plan.

11. Make a plan for spending

Estimate how much money you will spend this month. Indicate the most approximate figures and assess the situation. This will avoid surprises in the form of lack of money. Plan all purchases in advance by saving money.

The money is too expensive for us to let it go easily.

Why do I need this?
Why do I need this?

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