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How to make a great first impression in 60 seconds
How to make a great first impression in 60 seconds

Got an important interview, meeting new people, or trying to drive up to a pretty babe? First impressions are critical because they will determine the course of your communication and future relationships. How to make a positive first impression in 60 seconds?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Just one try. So you have to try to make a great impression with a single attempt and give all your 200%. The very first impression is formed in the first 60-90 seconds of communication.

How to make a great first impression in 60 seconds

1. Look 100%

Want to make a great first impression? Start with the look. A person is greeted by his clothes, but escorted by his mind. But sometimes a bad appearance leaves no chance to prove itself in the future. So you need to look 100% or a million dollars. Clothes should be neat, unworn and pretty. The forelocks are clean and the breath is fresh. The scent is light, without a hint of sweat odor. The shoes are clean and tidy. Accessories in the form of a watch, belt or wallet are solid.

2. Maintain eye contact

From the first seconds of our acquaintance, we look at each other. Making eye contact allows you to establish an initial connection with the person. People like to see the eyes of their interlocutor, because they are the mirror of the soul. A person who looks straight and honestly in the eyes is handsome. He inspires confidence, encourages communication and demonstrates confidence. The interlocutor who avoids gaze or with shifting eyes repulses. There is some kind of catch in it.

Improve productivity and efficiency in everything
Improve productivity and efficiency in everything

3. Smile for a great experience

A friendly smile wins the hearts of others. It is necessary to smile from the heart, not a plastic and “American” smile on duty. Maintain a smile on your face while chatting and smile occasionally. This will give a feeling of warmth and pleasant conversation. The person will be remembered as a positive, pleasant and benevolent person.

How to make a great first impression in 60 seconds
How to make a great first impression in 60 seconds

4. Control your body language

Do not pinch, do not cross your arms and legs, do not slouch or fuss. Get into a comfortable conversation position that demonstrates your confidence and openness to communication. Use gestures during the conversation, but not very actively.

5. Call by the name of the interlocutor

To create a great first impression, you can go for the trick. Try to call the person by name in the first 60 seconds of communication. This will be a good compliment to the interlocutor and will endear him to you. After all, nothing is sweeter to the ear than your own name. You can ask the person's name and then repeat the name when the other person says it.

6. Give the opportunity to speak to the interlocutor

Sometimes you need to give the interlocutor the opportunity to speak himself, so as not to put pressure on the person in the first 60 seconds of communication. Master the technology of active listening. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Nod, smile, assent, ask leading questions.

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