There is no God or the dangerous illusions of the poor
There is no God or the dangerous illusions of the poor

Former senator, banker and millionaire Vitaly Malkin wrote the book Dangerous Illusions: How Religion Robs Us of Happiness. If millionaires do not believe in God, then there is something in this?

Almost all of us believe in God. Some pray to him and ask for help. Someone goes to the monastery. Others offer gifts in the hope of earning a place in paradise.

Many troubles of the modern world are due to the faith of God and religions. This is how conflicts, wars, terrorist acts occur. Religion not only divides people, but also makes them weaker.

Remember the Old Testament god. This is a jealous, despot, vengeful killer, racist, petty, tormentor, bloodthirsty villain. And this is a merciful God in whom you need to believe? Think about this nonsense.

It is impossible to refute the absence of a god, but it is also impossible to refute the absence of a unicorn or a tooth fairy.

Does God help people and test? Then why are there wars for his name, children are dying, and there are more poor people? Why is there total injustice in the world? Either God is an asshole who hates everyone, or he simply does not exist.

Religions are a by-product and a means of controlling people. The Vatican is an ancient business based on the faith and weakness of the people. If God exists, then why are there mediators with God? What kind of parasitic layer that profits from people?

Tell me how many times has God helped you? How often have you asked, but nothing in return? Why are troubles raining down on you, although you do not sin? Why is there injustice around, and the villains live the best? The point is that there is no god.

Human magnetism
Human magnetism

Faith in God makes people unhappy and weaker. Believers hope for life after death and remain unsuccessful. Religion is designed to control people, to make them submit to power and wealthy people. Like you were poor, then you'll be in paradise. They laugh at you and make you losers, and you are happy.

The rich believe in themselves, so they succeed. And the poor believe in God, but do not believe in themselves.

Believe in yourself, then you will succeed.

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