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How to upgrade the winner gene
How to upgrade the winner gene

When you were little, didn't you want everything that is around now? Things are not going well, no prospects are visible, and dreams are unattainable? Often people are lost in life, have forgotten how to win and have lost the gene of the winner.

At one moment in life, you can find yourself not where you wanted. Often a series of accidents, defeats and coincidences of life lead to this. But what if you want something completely different? You need to learn how to win, and not take defeat for the norm. One must fight, not complain about the injustice of this world. How to win in life?

How to upgrade the winner gene

1. Give up weaknesses

Each of us has many flaws, which, like heavy anchors, pull down. But you need to get rid of the cargo that drowns you first. Stop sitting on social networks around the clock, smoking, drinking beer every night, drinking on weekends, being lazy, playing computer games. Identify the main factors that hinder you. It will be hard to get rid of them, but you will feel like a winner. You will win the first victory, and the gene for the winner will become stronger.

2. Start doing

You probably have a lot of things that you dreamed of trying for a long time. What's stopping you? Just pick up and start doing what you wanted to do. Get carried away with a hobby, learn a language, learn new skills, take courses, change jobs, move to another city. Stop putting it off until tomorrow. Upgrade your winner gene. Start doing what you wanted today. This will be a victory over laziness.

Why doesn't success come? 72 hours for change
Why doesn't success come? 72 hours for change

3. Follow the plan

Make an action plan for the next 5 years. Write down everything that needs to be done in five years, two years, a year, six months, a month, and a week. Make a plan for yourself and start acting. You made a promise to yourself many times and broke it just as many times. It's time to keep promises and follow your dreams. Follow, otherwise bitter old age and regrets are assured.

4. Regular persistence

We zealously rush to do something and just as quickly give up. We lack patience, strength and motivation. We are too weak to be persistent and hammer at one point. But you have to do and try, despite the setbacks. 90% of millionaires and successful people achieved their goal only after the first ten attempts. This means that success and failure will be mixed. Be persistent despite defeat. Losers give up, and winners reach their goals no matter what.

Learn to conquer yourself, your bad habits and your goals. Upgrade the winner gene and go ahead. There is nothing more desirable and more colorful than a dream …

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